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Podcast Episode #34:
Guide for New Leaders 

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Overview of Episode #34 --- 

Contact Bill Gentry 

Timing on Recording: @ 4:50  ---

Topic 1: Welcome, Bill's Background,

Timing on Recording: @   ---

Topic 2: Getting to Know Bill Gentry, Ph.D.:

  • Favorite guilty pleasure t.v. show & famous actor
  • Most challenging and most rewarding moments as a leader
        An act of bravery and Brave Leaders Inc.
  • Bill's story and journey
  • Who has had the greatest influence on his career...

Timing on Recording: @ 24:00  ---

Topic 3:  Non-Verbal Communication Insight - Dev Tools He Used

  • Non Verbal Communication Research
    - Six non-verbal channels influence how others perceive how successful we will be -
    1) dress 2)tone of voice (BIGGEST IMPACT) 3) facial expressions 4) rhythm and use of time 5) space and touch with people 6) gestures and posture
    - Leaders have to mindful of all six at all times, every day.
    -All eyes are on you, all the time.
  • Dev Tools: Course Bill helped designed and participated in by: The Center of Creative Leadership - Maximizing Your Leadership Potential
  • Give and get feedback - ask for it. Mirror what you want people to do. 
    (WUE Tools for the feedback process: Feed Forward = One page Overview
    and WUE Podcast #23 -
    Magic Motivation Tools Feed Forward and Triad Calls )
  • If you want to be seen as effective after receiving feedback: say thank you, share your takeaways/goals and invite them to hold you accountable.  (Mirror what you want people to do.)

Timing on Recording: @ 42:40 ---

Topic 4:  What it Means to Flip Your Script and Six Flips

  • Flip Your Script from me, myself and I TO we and team
  • Six Flips:
    1) Mindset
    2) Skills - particularly in the areas of Communication and Influence
    3) Relationships (BIGGEST IMPACT - DO THIS NOW)
          - have a proactive conversation with all new Peer to Boss relationships, do not leave this unspoken with former 'best friends' you are now managing
         - focus on Direction, Alignment and Commitment
    (Suzie Mentioned the Dashboard tool, here are two tools for understanding:
    Podcast #20 - Setting Performance Expectations the Easy Way w/ a Dashboard
    and a video demonstration of the Dashboard Process - Three Easy Steps )
    4) Do It All Attitude - learn to delegate, develop, mentor
    5) Perspective - dealing with politics, broaden your focus, your network matters
    6) Focus - character strength (CAN BE MOST CHALLENGING)
         - there's a lot more grey area as a leader
         - values alignment - get clear and let others know, use to guide decisions
         - In senior roles - integrity means the most to their success;  if you are not gauging this in younger leaders - you could be promoting lower integrity people into senior leadership roles.

Timing on Recording: @  1:06:00 ---
Topic 5:  Closing Questions and How to Contact Bill

  • This person comes to mind - when I think of most successful, and here's why...
  • Advice to my 25 year old self
  • Bill board - Flip Your Script, Less About Me, More About We
  • Advice:  Don't go it alone, find: mentors, advisors and coaches

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