Relationship Choices and Awareness

by Kris Cavanaugh

My top three tips are as follows:
1. Remember you can't control anyone else's behavior, just your own...and you always have the choice to walk away from any situation when you want or need to.
2. Relationships, no matter how difficult, can improve if you look for common ground between you and spend some time there.
3. If you take the time to find out why someone said what they said or did what they did before reacting you may actually learn something new to deepen your relationship.

I have a ton more, but that's a good start! Have a great holiday season, Suzie!

~ Kris Cavanaugh, C.E.O. Catalyst & Coach



Thank you for sharing with the Wake Up Eager community...your tips tie into this Free Relationship Quiz

LOVE your focus on shifting and being the CEO of your life...

All the Best, and More!

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