Healthy Family Relationships Four Critical Family Components to Cultivate

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We're looking at healthy family relationships and close friend connections, here. And this is Part 2, of a Four-Part series.

The goal in this Series is to provide you, the busy Leader, tips and tools that will help you create closer connections with family and friends.

I've looked for valuable and clear insight that will help you make this Wake Up Eager Re-Calibrate Daily Habit Quiz Statement "Absolutely True" for you: 

"I have a circle of friends/family that love, support and appreciate
me for who I am, more than just what I can do for them."

Four Critical Components for
Healthy Family Relationships

Family Relationships Expert Michelle Gottlieb at 4therapy provided these insights around family. It is interesting, and not surprising to me, that these four family components mirror what it takes to build a strong team.  

Review each Critical Component  Rate how strong each of your different family relationships and friendships rate in each area:

  • #1: The first critical component in healthy family relationships is: healthy communication. This would be communication that is not steeped in blaming. It is communication that is open and accepting. Communication where the family can sit and talk together without fear of reprisals.
  • #2: This leads into the second  critical component: respect. We need to respect all members of the family no matter how old or young. Each member brings something special and unique to the family. Cultivating our ability to appreciate, hear and respect every family member's viewpoint is crucial.
  • #3: Another critical component in healthy family relationships is: love. If we are communicating effectively, respecting our differences (rather than pushing against them) AND trying to let go of past mistakes, we can feel the love that is naturally there.
  • #4: The last is critical component: liking all the family members. Now, this does not mean liking every family member constantly. We do not always like every member of our family all the time. But in the healthiest of situations we like all the different members, most of the time.

How To Get Stronger In Each
Critical Component Area: Two Resources

Recommended Resource #One: My colleagues at ProStar Coach have developed powerful online resources to help leaders and parents strengthen in areas that matter to professional and personal relationships.

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Recommended Resource #Two: My Strong for Parenting colleagues have also developed this very interesting (and free) eBook revealing NEW research about Teens and their brains. 

If you're trying to 'figure out' YOUR Teen, you probably want to check out this  Resource.  They included video about this new research, and tips around how you can stimulate your Teen's brain to exercise good judgment and decision making.

This may be one of the most important parenting resources you ever read!

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