A Great Career Management Training Resource I've Used. If YOU Want and Need Good Leadership Skills You'll Want to Use It, Too!

career management training

I've gotten a lot out of using virtual career management training program: ProStar Coach.

I like it so much that I HAVE to let you know about it. I believe it is the perfect tool for helping you, and all of the leaders in your organization, build REALLY solid and really good leadership skills.

ProStar Coach is perfect because it helps overcome the lack of result and change that usually comes with traditional leadership development training.  Let me explain:

Alarming Problems With Traditional Leadership Development Training Programs...

Attending traditional leadership training programs  can be useful, and can make a difference in your level of skill as a leader.  But it may not be as useful as you want it to be because there are problems with the traditional classroom development approach. 

Research tells us that training participants remember only 20 percent of what they learn in the classroom, one month after the class.  In addition ONLY 10-30 percent of what’s taught in the classroom transfers to on-the-job performance. (As cited in the book Transfer of Training, by Broad and Newstrom.)

Authors and Career Management and Training Experts: Robert Brinkerhoff and Anne Apking of High Impact Learning share these ALARMING statistics and thoughts, 

"Almost all organizational training is a marginal intervention and has only
slight effects on performance improvement.
If we define 'training impact'
as simply the transfer of knowledge and skills to on-the-job performance,
research indicates that the impact of training is realized only for
about 15%
of all training participants."

“When we define the impact of training more rigorously, such as the
application of new knowledge and skills to enhance performance in a
way that makes a worthwhile difference to the business, then our
evaluation studies typically show even more dismal results."

Are Your Leadership Skills Stronger Today, Then They Were Last  Week, Last Month, Last Year?  

career management training

The statistics shared about traditional leadership career management training NOT making a difference to employee performance and the bottom line of business is alarming and credible.

Alarming because the return is so low, and credible because these statistics are shared by people who are trainers!

Training is big business. Over $50 billion is spent on development annually.

And, every week hundreds of new leadership books, career management training programs and assessments flood the market. Yet, with all these new career management training tools and resources available are leadership skills in your organization getting stronger?

What if I asked you if you'd gotten stronger and more physically fit this year over last year? If you said yes that would mean that you've been going to the gym regularly, and that you've stayed focused on getting and staying fit every week. Right?

But what if you worked out for one week last year and declared yourself fit for the year? It's really great that you did a week of exercise, but will one week help you get and stay in shape? I know the answer and you do too: no.

Building good leadership skills requires the same ongoing focus as fitness. Like fitness, becoming a strong leader is not something we do only once a year, for a week, if we want to stay strong.

What Keeps Us from Regular Leadership Development and Career Management Training...

It makes sense to compare building good leadership skills to getting in shape, doesn't it?  

That you can't have optimal strength if you just "workout" once a year.  It's just not possible.  Solid leadership development requires regular focus and attention. So, why is skill development treated so differently from physical and cardio strength development?

Well, there's some real-life reasons why. Here are some of the things that get in the way of focused and ongoing leadership skill development:

  • Time - You're busy with demands, coming at you from all directions, for your time and energy.
  • Budget - Who can afford to take a class every week, much less every month or six months?
  • Other Priorities & Scattered Focus - Urgent tasks that are important and not-important fill your days and mind, so you lose track of the big picture around the importance of your own ongoing development.
  • The people in charge and/or who are paying for training are not aware of how little classroom training actually transfer back to on-the-job-performance.  (Reminder the transfer of training is only about 10%!)

Almost all professionals WANT to improve, to grow and to become stronger and more proficient.  You want  to make a difference personally and professionally, and you want to advance your career.  But these real-life problems of time, money and focus make continually development and "regular skill workouts" a challenge.

A Grand Solution: ProStar Coach


THAT is why I love this career management training resource - ProStar Coach - it answers the time, focus, money and training transfer problems. 

It's a complete and confidential online coaching system available to you, and any organization's  entire leadership team, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  All for less than a BP gas station cup of coffee a day!

"ProStar Coach really helps you  grow, expand and stay focused on your goals.
It helps get your mind working and stimulated to consider options
you might not otherwise think about."

Stacy Hunjadi of PrimeLending

Here's How ProStar Coach Helps You Build More Leadership Strength:

  • It's like your own private training facility!   You get Online Training Videos, Worksheets, Encouraging Notes, Energizer Ideas, a Learning Archive and Recommended Action Steps for ANY Leadership Area you determine you want to strengthen.
  • This career management training resource is so powerful because you can work within it, as often as you want, any time you want, day or night!
  • You get private online Leadership Assessments to identify your Leadership skills, strengths and development opportunities.
  • You can create you own Personal Coaching Network, which helps you by providing ongoing online support from the people you pick.
  • And because you get ongoing support from your Personal Coaching Network, you will maintain momentum and focus and progress and development.  
  • It is so cost effective!  You can 'stay' fit and strengthen your leadership muscles, for less then a dollar a day.

“I find that I’ve never worked with such a comprehensive set of tools to
address my 'needs' as ProStar Coach provides.” 
Christine Johnson of ALD, Inc.

What Are You Waiting For?  Go Take A Tour...

This leadership career management training program,ProStar Coach, is so comprehensive:

  • 18 Leadership Skills for Managers
  • 20 Personal Strengths related to leadership
  • 20 Personal Strengths related to high performance
  • You can select which ProStar Version is best for you: high achiever, entrepreneur / small business owner, for trainers who need resources for their organization and even for parenting!

The Pro-Star Coach program comes with a non-risk, unconditional, 30 day guarantee. There's no risk. You are guaranteed satisfaction or you get your money back.

The support and development tools in ProStar Coach are more robust then any other online career management training resource I've ever found, and that's why I've decided to represent this program as an Affiliate. It is rock solid and powerful.

“There are many other things that impress me with ProStar - easy
to use, well-presented, there when I need it, and so forth - but th
key measureis that it helps me improve my business.”

Harvey Bennett of 360 Is Us Ltd.

What Are You Waiting For? Click Here to Check It Out:


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