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Podcast Episode #37:
Just Listen

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Overview of Episode #37 --- 

  • Suzie interviews Dr. Mark Goulston.
  • The power of becoming a first class noticer
  • P.A.L. Purposeful; Agendaless; Listening.
  • Something all leaders and mentors will want to know about - Tether Love.
  • Find out about Oxytocin Deficit Disorder - It may be impacting your team!
  • Get conversation tips for holding a Wince Conversation.

Contact Dr. Mark Goulston:



Timing on Recording: @ 11:55  ---

Topic 1: Welcome; Getting to Know Dr. Mark Goulston.

  • Favorite possession - Personal journal.
  • Funny story - Garage sale.

Timing on Recording: @ 15:15  ---

Topic 2: How Did Just Listen Become Your Focus? Why Does this Matter to You?

  • Story about "Nancy" and how all those years ago, out of tiredness, you let go and were totally present with her and she started to feel less alone. Powerful. 
  • A demonstration of what we can all do with the people we are with.

Timing on Recording: @ 24:45  ---

Topic 3: What Gets in the Way of Getting at This?

  • Tactics shared around intending to connect, be a first class notice and be curious about what you notice and ask a question.
  • What to listen for: I.C.U. = Important; Critical; Urgent.
  • "The purest form of communication is to listen without memory or desire."
  • P.A.L. = Purposeful; Agendaless; Listening.

Timing on Recording: @ 35:40  ---

Topic 4: Can You Talk About the Brain Science Related to Listening in Layman Terms?

  • What a great mentor does.
  • Tether Love - Believe in and see their future and their goodness, tether them to the future you see for them.
  • Homework assignment with specific 3 steps for thanking our mentors.
  • 72 hour hold. (If I have a breakdown, sit with it - Don't drink, shop, blast people and you'll get the breakthrough).

Timing on Recording: @ 51:15  ---

Topic 5: What Changes Have You Seen - As Leaders Have Become Better at "Just Listening?" What's the Impact on Their Personal and Professional Life?

  • CEO exercise with 180 CEOs about sharing who had been there for them, stood up for them, stood by them in crisis. 
  • V.C.G. = Vulnerable. Courageous. Grateful.

Timing on Recording: @ 56:00  ---

Topic 6: What Changes Have You Seen in People - As They've Built this Skill? What's the Impact on Their Personal and Professional Life?

  • Huffington Post article "Oxytocin Deficient Disorder." (Sacrificing joy for excitement)
  • Deep hunger for connectedness.
  • Wince confrontation. 
  1. "Pains me to have this conversation..." 
  2. "I need your help..." 
  3. "I want to root for you..." 
  4. "...triggering a flashback... people have to work around that..."

Timing on Recording: @ 1:03:20  ---


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