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Podcast Episode #64:
Unmasking & Retention

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Overview of Episode #64 ---

  • 3 things to look for and 5 questions to ensure assessment reliability and validity.
  • The power of unmasking and how it can help you reveal and release the full potential of every employee, while creating business profitability.
  • Understanding the greatest value exchange that can happen between people.
  • The silent demand of talent – that must be met.

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Timing on Recording: @ 14:34 ---

Topic 1: What People Should Be Looking For From Their Assessment Partners Around Validity and Reliability. What are the Signs? What Should They Be Thinking About? What Do They Need to Know?

  • What is the scientific evidence that supports the assessment? 
  • Does it have a scientific underpinning?
  • Does it have peer review articles?
  • What are the claims inside of the assessment?

Timing on Recording: @ 16:40  ---

Topic 2Other Additional Questions to Ask

  • Look for the science first, then if the science is there, look for the validity and reliability studies.
  • Validity vs. reliability: Is it valid science? And then is it reliable science?
  • Are you an organization that is multilingual? Do you operate in multiple countries? If yes, is the assessment in which you're deploying, is it not only valid and reliable, but are those validity studies and reliability studies done in each translated language?
  • What are the norms?
  • Is there scientific evidence that the assessment is not discriminatory?

Timing on Recording: @ 20:53 ---

Topic 3: What Difference Does it Make to Have an Assessment that is Valid and Reliable?

  • Confidence. 
  • The 3 Rs: Reveal, Release and Realize.

Timing on Recording: @ 22:37  ---

Topic 4: How Important is it to Have a Reliable Way to Reveal the Potential of an Individual Before You Hire Them?

  • It is definitely important, you want to know a new hire’s potential and where they match or don't match. 
  • It allows you to look under the covers and give additional insight to employers and interviewers so that they can see whether they fit or don't fit. 

Timing on Recording: @ 23:19  ---

Topic 5: Good Valid Assessments are About the Business of Unmasking

  • Assessments are unmasking for the interviewer, they can see the words that reveal the true potential of a candidate. 
  • Assessments help the interviewer not fall in the trap of bias, because that is one of the biggest interview mistakes.
  • A good assessment that is reliable and valid is not only good for revealing, but it has to also be good in the business of releasing.
  • A candidate releases their full talent set so that the organization can reach its full potential.
  • We have an organization that starts seeing it’s true potential where people enjoy working there. It's got a culture. There's nothing that will release the potential of a human being than feeling like they fit.
  • Release that candidate/new hire in the organization to contribute their talents and their strengths and their abilities, then you will realize a return on your investment.

Timing on Recording: @ 27:17  ---

Topic 6: Getting to Know Rodney Cox

  • Who has influenced you the most and what did they say or share that was really helpful to you: Bruce Mazur, introduction to the assessment, Bill Bonnstetter, invitation to be a VAA, and Don Blanton, taught how to unconditionally accept and love people.
  • Books, education or training that have been very instrumental to your growth and development: All different sciences that have to do with the make up of a human being, a science called Talent Insights.
  • When you think of the word successful, who is the first person that comes to mind: I think it is anyone that leaps out of bed every day eager to contribute or give away what they've got, give away their natural strengths and talents to the person who writes their check.
  • What is silent demand?
  • Speaking of waking up eager, what are the things that you do regularly: Mind - I understand my strengths, understand my weaknesses, I'm a student of myself; Body – Mountain biking; Spirit – Couples that we do life with.
  • What is relational capital?
  • Lean in, humble yourself, go have a conversation and do something different tomorrow than you did today.
  • What is your favorite possession: My faith and my family.
  • A funny story that your family tells you about you: Mountain biking accidents.
  • What advice would you give your 25-year-old self: First seek to understand yourself before you try and get others to understand you; Lean into conflict instead of leaning out of conflict; Seeing others higher than yourself always.
  • The last bit of advice or wisdom you want people to take away from our discussion: It will be very, very difficult for you to even participate in the war for talent without good, reliable, valid assessments. You're not even participating in the war for talent if you don't have reliable and valid assessments that you're deploying to reveal, release, and then realize the human potential; You should become a student and master any assessment or any measurement that you're going to use inside of your organization to help people thrive.

Three things to look for to ensure assessment reliability and validity:

  1. The Assessment is not supported by scientific evidence.
  2. No peer-reviewed articles.
  3. Claims that all you need is a single science assessment to solve your people problems.

Five questions to ensure assessment reliability and validity:

  1. What is the science or sciences behind the assessments?
  2. Does the assessment have validity and reliability studies?
  3. Are there validation and reliability studies in each translated langue the assessments is available in?
  4. Is the assessment normed to the culture of the country's and language it is available?
  5. Does the assessment have scientific evidence that the assessment does not discriminate?

Articles and Books Mentioned in the Podcast:


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