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To Go First? Or Lead From Behind?

by Sharon Rich
(Los Angeles)

It’s exciting more and more consultants are getting this message out to leaders. Listening is critically important for anyone in business, and especially for leaders. Not listening results in missing important information that leaders need to make informed decisions and provide clear and relevant direction. But only 100% of the time.

Many leaders learned young and continue to believe fundamentally that to lead means to go first, to be out in front literally, whether speaking, doing, planning, etc.

They believe that they will lose power if they don’t go first. When a leader discovers that leadership, like any other way of being, is a developmental process and that there are progressively more effective ways to lead, they develop the ability to walk into situations not knowing, not speaking, being open and leading from behind.

This offers a whole new dimension of possibilities for them and their organizations.

Sharon Rich
Shows leaders and organizations how to increase effectiveness



Thank you for sharing... I think you're right - we do tend to believe that if we're not up front talking, doing, 'leading' - we're not doing our job. "We must go first!"

When in truth - yea, we need to lead but often times leading, power and influence comes from listening. Love what you said about 'being open and leading from behind' - excellent.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

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All the Best, and More!

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