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That's Me! (Sweaty Pic) After Cardio Coach Wkout-580 Calories Burned

by Suzie Price
(Marietta, GA)

That's Me - A Sweaty Mess - But feeling great!!

That's Me - A Sweaty Mess - But feeling great!!

I started out a little grumpy & a little tired. I really did not want to work out. I talked myself into doing "just a little bit" with Cardio Coach.

Before I knew it I was 50 minutes in, a sweaty mess, energized, stress-free, inspired AND I'd burned 580+ calories!!

That's the beauty of Cardio Coach - the uplifting music, encouraging coach and small "do-able" challenges (one at a time) - all pull you through and before you know it - you've had a great workout and you feel great.

I've been exercising for years, I know how good it is for me, but it is not unusual for resistance to doing it to pop up and try to stop me (resistance can look like: excuses, laziness, "I'm too busy", "it doesn't matter" etc.).

That's why it's good to have all kinds of 'tricks' in your 'bag' to help you work around and through the resistance so you can stay consistent. I always resort to these tricks at some point in the week...

What are your 'tricks' or tips? What most gets in your way to moving your body?

Add your own tip, frustration or challenge here, and you could be a winner - I'm giving away two Cardio Coach Fitness MP3's at the end of the month, by drawing.

Share now, and maybe you'll be sweating with the wonderful Cardio Coach too!

Here's to you and me, all of us, feeling good and strong in our body's - it's part of the Wake Up Eager Way for Leaders!

All the Best,

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Jun 01, 2011
Makes me want to work out...
by: Kim

You look happy, sweaty, but happy. Makes me want to go work out! Think I will... Thanks for the reminders. (BTW, does this count - am I now in the drawing?)

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