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My 'Secrets' to Regular Home Cardio Workouts
& Workout Inspiration

You've bought new fitness equipment for home cardio workouts. Or maybe you're thinking about it.

You think that having gym equipment at home will help you squeeze in more cardio workouts into your already over-crowded schedule.  You assume that having a treadmill, bike or elliptical machine at home will make your exercise routine more consistent, right?

This is an obvious and popular plan. According to Club Fitness Association over $19.1 billion is spent annually on home gym equipment and fitness club memberships.

"Fitness - if it came in a bottle, everybody would have a great body." Cher

We Have the Best Plans and Intentions, But Why Does THIS Happen?

home cardio workouts

You have the desire to exercise. You have (or you can easily get) really great home fitness equipment. It's ALL right there - it should be a no brainer, right?

But oftentimes, after the newness of having your own treadmill wears off, your great plan for daily home cardio workouts falls apart. Pretty soon your expensive equipment becomes a clothes rack!  What happened?  I had the same problem. But I felt extra-bad about it because:

  • I have a home-office. I don't have to sit in traffic for hours every day. I  really had the time to workout and no real excuse for not doing it.
  • I have a great home gym with not one, but two, gym-quality cardio machines.  They work great and provide variety.   I 'should' be using them!
  • But still, even with these advantages there were weeks when I'd walk by our home gym forty-different-times in a week, and never walk-in!

Today I am happy to report that I'm using my fitness equipment for more than a clothes hanger!  I've found a few 'secrets' that are helping me stick to consistent (3-6 times a week) home cardio workouts. Yea!

Next, I'll share my #1 regular home cardio fitness 'secret'.  On Page 2  of this Regular Home Cardio Workouts I share the Ten Mindset/Action Tips I've been using to help me be more consistent...

One of the Best Cardio Workouts and Workout Inspiration Tools...

home cardio workouts - Sean O'Malley

Sean O'Malley, pictured to the right there, was the creator of the Cardio Coach Workouts, workouts that I use every week for encouragement, inspiration and lots of heart-pounding sweating! Cardio Coach consists of eight+ AMAZING digital, download-able MP3 home cardio workouts. Here's why they're so amazing...

  • These workouts include positive encouragement and friendly challenges that keep me moving.
  • Sean the Coach is like having a good friend beside who's cheering you on and seeing only the best in you. It's very uplifting.
  • It's so good that sometimes when I'm tired, and I think I won't last for 10 minutes, I end up (when I have Cardio Coach with me), doing 45+ exhilerating minutes!

"Now is the time for changing, you can change the day,
the time is now. Today I choose to live with energy."

Affirmations on Cardio Coach Volume 2

  • The music just gets into your Soul. It's interesting, inspiring and makes you just want to move! I like the music so much that I bought the instrumental versions, along with the cardio instructions, just to listen to it when I'm cooking or working.
best cardio workouts - cardio coach
  • The variety. There are eight different cardio workouts. You can use the workouts on your treadmill, bike, elliptical machine and while running or walking.
  • You set your own pace. All fitness levels can use these home cardio workouts. The workouts are set up so that you're in-charge of how hard you push yourself by setting your own levels, tension and length. I think it's important to consistently workout, but it's also just as important to tune into your own needs and pace. The Cardio Coach Program helps you get stay in touch with what your body needs.

"My wish is that you find a way to live your life with the energy of your full potential." Cardio Coach Sean O'Malley

  • On the flip-side these home cardio workouts ensure that you do more. Sean's coaching pulls you, and when you're ready, you can push yourself to breakthrough to new heights, beyond your perceived mental and physical boundaries.
  • These high intensity interval training workouts not only help you lose body fat, but they increase metabolism and energy. Every time I complete a home cardio workout with Cardio Coach I burn 350 to 700 calories. (Depending on the level of effort and time I spend.) This is much more than if I just piddled around on the machine, without his coaching. Plus, because they're so enjoyable, I'm more consistent. (No more clothes hanger fitness equipment!)
  • The workouts are affordable and easy to access online. Each home cardio workout is $14.95. The instrumental versions are only $9.95. Also, they run promotions regularly. Check the website to see if they have a two-for-one special you can take advantage of. I'm an all or nothing kind of gal, so I just ordered them all when they were running a special.

"Time to burn off some ice cream..."
Coach Sean in Volume 3

To find out more about the Cardio Coach home cardio workouts, click here. You'll be able to hear a sample of a workout and see a video teaser. Also, be sure to visit the testimonials from other Fans like me.

"My philosophy is simple; above average effort produces above average results.
Cardio Coach™ is based on more than the physical component.
I believe in the human spirit and its ability to overcome
anything that is put in front of it.

Whether my clients are seeking to gain the competitive edge or a healthier lifestyle,
I am confident in their success. I am confident that anybody who chooses
to put on a pair of headphones and begins a Cardio Coach™ workout with me,
as their coach, will begin to see above average results!"
Cardio Coach Sean O'Malley

Go To My Top 10 Mindset/Action Tips, Part 2 of
My Secrets to Regular Home Cardio Workouts, Here.

Suzie Side Notes:

  • As noted in other places on this website, I have a 'reading directions phobia,' I don't like to take time to read directions. If you also have this 'phobia,' try to overcome it by looking at the very simple steps and Cardio Coach directions for downloading and accessing the MP3's on your iPod. The video directions they provide are easy and short. They make downloading a snap - even I was patient enough to use them!
  • I want you to know that links on this website to other resources may, at times, be affiliate links where if you purchase something, Priceless Professional will receive a financial thank you from the seller.

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