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Podcast Episode #63:
The Superstar Paradox

Overview of Episode #63 --- 

  • What the Superstar Paradox is and how over achievers can stop falling victim to their own success.
  • How to determine if you are addicted to over achievement - review these right signs.
  • What the Holy Grail of life really is…
  • How you can work through the problem of the superstar paradox - three actions to take and one mindset trap to avoid so that you don't get stuck.
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Timing on Recording: @ 7:59 ---

Topic 1: What’s Wrong With Being an Overachiever?

  • Overachieving is the Holy Grail, the way you measure people's performance, the way you measure people’s success, and a very attainable and a desirable way to live.
  • Overachieving comes with a lot of pitfalls.
  • If you don't intervene, if you don't make a decision to overcome this obsessive compulsive desire to work and chase, and set your standards extraordinarily high, you will collapse, physically, personally, or professionally.
  • 8% of the population.
  • Overachievers go above and beyond.
  • “I like to work,” but when it turns into an addiction/need you will need to recover because you will wear yourself out.

Timing on Recording: @ 12:52  ---

Topic 2Correlation Between Overachievement and Perfectionism and the Difference Between Them.

  • Perfectionism is never a good thing, it is like having a bully in your head that is beating up a tiny child.
  • What are you trying to numb?
  • Difference between overachievement and perfectionism is what is the intention? Intention is either to destroy the opponent and never be seen versus to thrive above and beyond my own personal standards.

Timing on Recording: @ 22:03 ---

Topic 3: Tactical Steps You Can Take to Avoid Being an Overachiever

  • Reassess what success means to you.
  • What is stopping you from making it really feel differently, not look differently, feel differently? And when you assess that, you are starting to see success.
  • Talk to yourself really, really nice.
  • Have self-awareness, know your blind spots.

Timing on Recording: @ 28:28  ---

Topic 4: What is Cognitive Entrenchment?

  • “I know that already.”
  • “We've never done it that way before, so why would we do it this way now?”
  • Two styles of developing superstardom.
  • You can take this and decide to do something with it…

Timing on Recording: @ 44:45  ---

Topic 5: How to Climb Out of Overachieving Ways

  • Self-awareness is hard, it involves suffering.
  • Really think about yourself and face your emotions.
  • Before you can stop to think about yourself, one of the easiest ways to gain perspective is to serve others.
  • Work within your own dedicated confines. Make your choices better so that you get a clearer picture about serving and making your life meaningful for you.

Timing on Recording: @ 52:41  ---

Topic 6: Getting to Know Keren Eldad

  • Who has influenced you most in your life and in your career and what did they do?: Madonna and Frasier
  • Books, education and training that have been instrumental to you: DISC and Motivators Certification; Book Solve for Happy by Mo Gawdat
  • When you think of the word successful, who comes to mind?: Dolly Parton and the Dalai Lama.
  • What are the things that you do that help you create more wake up eager days?: Love what you do and love who you are with.
  • What advice would you give your 25-year-old self?: “Be easy on yourself. You are doing much better than you think.”
  • If you could have a billboard anywhere, what would it be? Where would it be? What would it say?: “Welcome to Miami. Keren lives here.” 
  • Last bit of advice or wisdom about the superstar paradox: “My hope that we start to move away as a culture from the adulation, overwork of hustle and I'm doing too much. We've become human doings and not human beings and it's not shameful to ask for help when you've been doing this for a really long time and you're just done with it.”

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Heart Talk by Cleo Wade

Range by David Epstein

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