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One of the Best Stress Management Strategies:
Master the Re-Calibrate Daily Habit

If you ignore the Re-Calibrate Daily Habit, one of the best stress management strategies there is, you might end up like the Cobbler whose kids had no shoes.

You know that old story, don't ya'?

The reason the Cobbler's children had no shoes was because the Cobbler was so good at his craft that he spent ALL of his time, and gave ALL of his attention, to being a 'Great Cobbler'. His focus helped build a rich business, and a poor personal life.

By the end of my fifth year in my business, I was beginning to feel like the Cobbler.

It was my best sales year yet. I felt good about my business accomplishments. I'd proven to myself that I could make it.

But, (here's the 'no shoes' part of my story...) I was tired. I'd been so eager to reach my financial goals, that I'd taken on too many Projects. Plus, some of them didn't REALLY capitalize on what I'm best at, so I had to work alot harder to deliver a decent outcome. THAT part was tiring. (Yea, I know - I'm 'all about' people using their strengths, and even teach it in my workshops. But along the way, I'd lost sight of that for myself.)

I felt a little isolated. I'd been spending all of my time with my clients, and my personal time with my husband. Which works pretty good EXCEPT when they're not available and I want/need to chat to share a problem or success or to just 'hang out.' (While I had friends, personally and professionally, during those five years I'd not been regularly tending to them, so they were a bit faded and fallow.)

I'd gained weight, felt tubby, and no longer felt fit. (Here at Wake Up Eager I write about health & fitness alot! It's always been a keen interest of mine, and it HAD been a priority before I got distracted.)

It's An Incremental Thing...

stress management strategies, girl balancing boxes

Getting out-of-balance is an incremental thing. It's often subtle, and happens over time. Before we know it, we've allowed too many boxes to stack up.

Things start to tumble...

That's why the fifth Wake Up Eager Habit: Re-Calibrate Daily is one of the best stress management habits!

It's the Habit that reminds you to re-center, re-align, re-assess, RE-CALIBRATE the personal-side, of your professional life, on a daily basis.

It's the OPPOSITE of the: The 1% A Day Exponential Growth Principle.

Do You Know About the 1% A Day Exponential Growth Principle?

The 1% A Day, Exponential Growth Principle is: If you focus on improving 1% a day, in 70 days you'll be twice as good. All due to the concept of compound interest.

If you apply this Principle in the negative you see why 'The-Cobbler's-Kids-Can-End-Up With-No-Shoes-Without-The -Cobbler-Even-Noticing.' That's because if you don't improve areas of your life incrementally, at least 1% a day, in 70 days, things can go backwards, quickly!

1% a day can lead to exponential growth OR decline. Incremental daily focus (or the lack of it) adds up!

My Daily Action Tips Program

That's why  I created my Wake Up Eager Daily Tips Program.  Begin using one of the best stress management strategies available - and start making gains in any area you want to improve - by using My Tips Program to improve  <1% a day.  Your efforts will quickly add up - and in no time (70 days) you'll be TWICE improved.  More About Daily Tips Here.


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