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Creating a Wake Up Eager Mindset My Top Ten Self Motivation Tips & Mantras...

I created these ten self motivation tips when I first started the Wake Up Eager website, many years ago. I wanted a framework for my "How I Got Here-Life Story" Article, something I'd wanted to create ever since I read another Blogger's life story/journey article. (I highly recommend doing this kind of life reflection on your own life's high and low points - it enlightening and empowering.)

While I don't propose that these ten mantras cover everything that's been key in helping me get to this point, they are definitely the ten thoughts that I most often think that most align and focus my mindset toward living my life in a 'Wake Up Eager Way.'

A note - because it's important to me to let you know - I do not assert that these self motivation tips are “right” and that if you don’t follow them, “you’re wrong.”  I’m sharing them here to clarify my own understanding and to serve as a reference for others. Also, I've read and listened to Abraham-Hicks Publications materials since 1998---my mindset and these tips---are highly influenced by their materials and work.

What is the Wake Up Eager Way?
Waking Up Eager is a commitment to make daily choices that promote a sense of
ease and well-being, so that we bring our 'Best Self' to whatever we're doing.

My Ten Self Motivation Tips/Mantras

It's 'my thing' to use acronyms in all of my programs and processes. So I couldn't have these self motivation tips without one! The acronym is:  W.U.E. M.I.N.D.S.E.T.  (W.U.E.=Wake Up Eager)

Get these Self Motivation Tips (plus,39 Actions)in a PDF Handout here, NOW.
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Waking Up Eager IS Possible for Me... and Not 'Pollyanna.'
Besides, Pollyanna had a great life!

Life’s supposed to be fun! My inspiration and happiness
inspires others and is a gift I offer to the world.


Unwavering Focus.

Whatever I focus on (think about, emanate, feel consistently,
vibrate and visualize) expands. I focus on what I want and why I want it often.


Every Moment Brings an Opportunity to Make More Decisions.

The more moments in every day that I choose my focus, my thoughts,
my actions, my intentions, the more empowered and energized I feel and become.


My Happiness is My Job.

This self motivation tip reminds me that no one other human being can give me happiness, inspiration or motivation. No other person or situation can keep me from it. It’s my job. And it's an inside job.


I Am Always Guided and Never Alone.

I receive Guidance about my focus and what I'm emanating/vibrating, therefore creating, by how I am feeling.
No one else knows what’s best for me --- they’ve not walked in my shoes ---
but my Guidance is always available and accurate. I practice tuning into my Guidance often.


Never Done.

It's never done, so I can never get it wrong. I am always Loved and Valued. My past informs my future.
It helps me become clearer and more focused about what I want to create now.


Declare and Share My Strengths.

Demonstrating, using and sharing my strengths, insights and talents is important.
My strengths are special gifts that I bring to the world. My preferences matter,
I must know them and build my life around them.


Seek to Close Gaps.

I focus on closing the gap between where I am and where I want to be (on all subjects).
This is my ‘work’. It is energizing, life-giving and empowering,
and oh by they way, the only thing that really works.


Earnestly Share Appreciation, Often.

Focusing on what I appreciate about myself and others is a habit I consciously
develop by making lists of appreciation, every day. Appreciation is love -
I speak it , think it and share it as often as possible.


Timeless Truth: I Can, Be, Do or Have Anything I Want.

All I have to do is line up with what I want, one focused thought at a time.

Get these Self Motivation Tips (plus,39 Actions)in a PDF Handout here, NOW.
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