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Progressive Mental Alignment

by Jacqueline Keuning
(Amsterdam Area, Netherlands)

I used PMA (Progressive Mental Alignment) to get rid of most of the emotional baggage that was holding me back and started living.

I only accept work assignments I feel good about. It's okay to get it wrong sometimes, as long as I learn from the experience. I can only be the best I can if I'm doing what I like doing.

Jacqueline Keuning
Owner, Keuning Coaching, specializing in PMA Progressive Mental Alignment



PMA sounds interesting!

Reminds me of (but is probably more technical than)the stuff I talk about in this self motivation tips video and article or what Laura talked about in her interview around Stress Management Strategies.

Appreciate your focus on putting how you feel first, when choosing work. As soon as I started doing that for myself, life and work took on a whole new glow and meaning. Much more happy in that!

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

All the Best, and More!

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