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Self Motivation Tips:  Two Little Known Techniques for Finding More Motivation & Clarity

There are two very simple self motivation tips that I use almost every day to help improve my own daily motivation and clarity around every area of my life. 

self motivation tips

These powerful (and very simple) motivation techniques are based upon my understanding that we ALL have a Loving Energy (Source, God, Spirit, The Universe) that loves us, all the time, no matter what.  This is the same Loving Energy that makes the world spin.

This Energy is also  fervently focused upon the future you have asked for, thought about and dreamed about - your goals and desires -  and It is constantly providing insight, guidance and inspiration to lead you to the future you want.

The focus of this Loving Energy is like having your own Universal Dream Team helping you connect with your future. Kind of like the Verizon Wireless Connection Team - you know those commercials, don't you?  It's that large group of phone customer service experts who are always following cell phone users around to make sure they're connected...

Your Universal Dream Team is always listening to you and lining up resources, connections and the right timing for you around everything you care about.  It is your 'job' to 'connect up' with this Team. And you do that by paying attention to how you feel and by focusing your mind. Your feelings will ALWAYS let you know when your mind is unfocused and when your thoughts are split.  Negative, worried, 'split thoughts'  always tells you that - at that moment - you are less connected to your Dream Team's Guidance.

Two Little Known Motivation Techniques for More 'Connection'

When I feel 'out of sorts' or unfocused, when I let my imagination get out of focus, there are two self motivation tips/tools that I use to 'connect up' with my Universal Dream Team.  In my view this video explains, in less than 9 minutes, how Creation, Inspiration and Guidance works!  (Connecting with Your Guidance is easy to talk about but it's something, I find, that takes daily focus and deliberation to find and feel it regularly.)

"You can't depend on your judgment when your imagination's out of focus."Mark Twain

Self Motivation Tips and Tools Video Resources:

  • Click here to get the companion handout for this video.
  • The quote I refer to in this video is what inspired to record this video.  It exemplifies the balance between paying attention to how you feel (to know whether your connected) and focusing your focus!
  • These connection and motivation techniques were first introduced to me by my favorite teacher: Abraham of Abraham-Hicks Publications. I've read and listened to their materials for many years! 
  • If you don't know what Toastmasters is, check out the national website.
  • Find more stress management tips articles and podcasts, here.

"You can't depend on your judgment when your imagination's out of focus."Mark Twain

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