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Motivating Team Leaders

(Billings, Montana)

My Question Is... What can be done to motivate supervisors in the transition to team leaders?


Hi Anonymous, When someone or a group of people are not 'motivated' I want to know why. Is it related to systems in the company that are not working, lack of confidence in skills, how they are being led, business struggles, lack of job fit?

You need to know EXACTLY - what it is that is keeping them from doing their job well, and from doing it in a good and confident manner.

A great way to figure this out is to ask the 12 Employee Engagement Questions covered in this article. These questions were developed after exhaustive research by The Gallup Organization. If an employee is able to answer each question with a "Yes!" then they will most likely be a good and motivated employee.

Use article. these 12 Questions in a formal online survey or, if that's not a possibility, ask them in one to one conversations with each new Team Leader.

Figure out EXACTLY (as best as you can) where the break down and gaps may be, and then find solutions to bridge the gaps.

For example - if they don't know EXACTLY what's expected of them, which is OFTEN the case and is the first question, start there with goal setting. Use this video article to create a Position Dashboard for the Position.

Continue on to Question #2 - if they don't have the supplies and materials they need to do the job well, help them get them.

Walk your way through the 12 Engagement Questions doing what you can to resolve each, and you will have motivated and engagement leaders.

Remember, just like in any relationship - ongoing communication, dialogue and a taking time out of busy schedules to 'work on' the relationship - is important for continual growth and motivation.

Comment back here - if you use the Questions, and let us know what happened. It will help others, okay?

Thanks for your question and much success to you!

All the Best,

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