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Podcast Episode #77:
Making Axiology Easier

Overview of Episode #77 --- 

  • Help you easily understand and apply axiology without hours and hours of study.
  • Help you easily explain axiology to others using five basic tools and new way of explaining it.
  • Help you use axiology results in interviews, effective coaching, and super-charging your own development.

Timing on Recording: @ 4:45 ---

Topic 1: Definition of Axiology

Timing on Recording: @ 5:49 ---

Topic 2What Makes Axiology Different From Other Assessments/Tests?

Timing on Recording: @ 8:19 ---

Topic 3: Axiology in the Car Analogy

Timing on Recording: @ 9:31 ---

Topic 4: What to Expect When Taking the Axiology Section of an Assessment

Timing on Recording: @ 11:35 ---

Topic 5: How We Can More Easily Explain Axiology – Explanation from Art Ellis

Timing on Recording: @ 13:46 ---

Topic 6: The 3 Dimensions of Axiology

Timing on Recording: @ 22:29---

Topic 7: 5 Axiology Tools

Timing on Recording: @ 25:50 ---

Topic 8: Axiology Analogy - Image

Timing on Recording: @ 38:46 ---

Topic 9: Crafting a Very Specific Path

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