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Keep It Simple, Keep It Real

by Romy Macias

I know we're well into January - but I wanted to share my Christmas experience which came in handy this past December Holiday and travel season.

Over the years I've come to understand that the simpler I keep my life the better quality of holidays and travel and LIFE experience I can have.

What exactly do I mean?

Well, take this past December: my Mom and I traveled to Houston to visit with my brother and family. Early on (around October) I decided that I was going to enjoy every possible moment of this trip (including its preparation) in a state of relaxation and I would only rush when absolutely necessary.

Sounds easy enough, right?

I knew that if I organized my trip with plenty of time in advance I would be able to pull off my holiday wish without a hitch.

How did I do it?

Six weeks before the trip I checked plane reservations and pertinent documentation to make sure they were all in order.

I then dug out my dust-covered luggage a month in advance. Nightly, instead of watching the evening news mindlessly, I set aside 30 minutes to an hour for packing. I selected what clothes I would pack. I chose really basic pieces - 2 pair of slacks and 5 tops - for a 10 day stay. I made sure I could make 10 different outfits with the 7 pieces. I would repeat each top once and alternate slacks. I would wash the slacks a couple times each during my stay. (I had planned to do some shopping, so if I needed a couple more outfits, I would be covered).

Two days before my departure, I updated a few items for more weather appropriate attire.

I made sure all my bills were payed in advance for the entire month.

One very important thing I implemented this year was to prioritize my to-do list everyday in preparation for this trip. I tend to make mile-long to do lists. So I had "3 Top Priority" thing that must get done today. Three more, "would be great" to get done and the rest were "if they get done or not" no problem. This allowed me to get 3 "must do" chores out of the way and kept me sane throughout the entire process.

This was how I was able to keep it simple and real!

I hope this will help others as well.

Thanks again Suzie for so much useful information.


Romy Macias



I love what you shared. THAT's what I would call being intentional and making more decisions in every moment, one of the ten Wake Up Eager Mindset Essentials.

Our happiness is our job (another WUE 'essential') and you demonstrate that perfectly in your planning and intentions.

So simple, so powerful and something we could all do more often to create our own 'happy'

Community friends, be sure to check out Romy's website - beautiful, thoughtful and lots of inspiring material and resources.

Thanks Romy for sharing with the Wake Up Eager community!

All the Best, and More!

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