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Is This Hard to Keep Up With??

by KKR
(Atlanta, GA)

Hey Suzie,

I really like the information here about Green Smoothies.

I've ordered the book you recommended. It is very resourceful---and I am convinced about all the benefits of doing this.

BUT---I feel stressed out when I think about having to go to the grocery store ALL the time and making Smoothie's ALL the time.

How are you doing this? Is it a challenge? What tips can you share that might help me feel less overwhelmed?

I want to do it---BUT....

Thanks again for sharing all this info!!



I am so glad you found the book, Green For Life, so helpful. I felt the same way, and I refer back to it often!

There are a few things that I've found that have helped make the process of drinking Green Smoothies easier.

I'll share here and hopefully they will make the process feel easier for you.

Keep in mind: anything new can feel a little overwhelming at first because you're changing your routine. Just take it one step/smoothie at a time!

Also, you don't have to do it 'perfectly' AND you can't get it wrong.

The overall goal here is do feel as energized, healthy and clear-minded as possible, and this is just one of many ideas for doing that.

Key Tips to Make Making
Green Smoothie's Easier

I have been drinking 32 ounces of Green Smoothie drink EVERY day, now, for about 16 weeks.

  • I get fresh fruit and greens from the grocery store once a week at a minimum. No need to go more than that, unless you just want to...

  • If you have a Costco near you, and you are member, get a couple of their HUMONGOUS bags of Spinach. Cost is low. Volume is HUGE.

    Wash it and put it in freezer storage bags. Use the frozen spinach within a few weeks and it will still be fresh.

    Fresh is nice, but frozen is EASY and ensures you always have some.

  • Also available at Costco are LARGE bags of lemons. I wash them and cut them into 4ths and freeze them, skin and all.

    I put two-4ths in every Smoothie. Adds a nice zest and is great for your skin and more. Frozen makes it easier.

  • Buy BIG bags of frozen fruit.

    Again, fresh is great, but frozen ensures that you always have some fruit to add to your Smoothie...and makes it feel EASY.

  • I have a LARGE 96 ounce container that goes with my BlendTec Blender.

    Having a bigger Blender container allows to make one batch every day. That way I only have to spend 5 minutes or so every day making them, and I always have a Smoothie available.

    I really like the BlendTec Blender - it is EASY to clean.

  • Be sure to reference my recently added PDF list of ingredients.

    I have a copy of this hanging on the inside door of the cabinet where my Blender sits for easy reference.

  • Here's how I make every Smoothie

    I get out all the ingredients I want to put in, my Blender, a knife and a small cutting board.

    First I add three cups of water, two lemon 4ths and my Greens. I fill to the 6 cup mark on the Blender, and blend for 28 seconds.

    Second, I add my fruit. Blend for @ 28 seconds. (My current favorite is: spinach, pears, a banana and frozen strawberries.)

    Lastly, I add extras---lately I am "into" Chia seeds. Sometimes I add a little avocado or ground flax seed or (see what's on the list, here.)

I probably spend 5 minutes a day making them, and I go to the Grocery week any way.

Changing your routine does take a little bit of getting used to...

I bet once you start doing this, you'll be hooked like me. I even made extra Smoothies for a 6 day trip to Indiana, recently. I just froze my Smoothies and took them with me, and I was able to stay on track...

I hope some of these tips help. Comment back here, and let me know how it's working for you.

Also, I'd love to hear from other Green Smoothie fans your tips, comments and questions.

KKR, Thanks again for your question and for participating in the Wake Up Eager Community.

All the Best, and More!

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Feb 03, 2011
helpful, thanks!!
by: Anonymous

Good tips, thanks!

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