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I Can Work Like a Dog for Something I Believe In and Love It! Now I Know WHY!

by Jim Allen
(Chicago Area)

My report results revealed that I'm passionate about building strong systems and working with organizations that share my values. (High Traditional). I am motivated by family, tradition, order, structure. My second highest soul spirit area was high Theoretical/Knowledge. I love to learn.

(Suzie's Notes: See quiz for self esteem descriptors here.)

I'm a small business consultant. I now have turned my focus toward family owned businesses and non-profits who are doing social good. This type of client interaction is much more motivating and rewarding to me now that I've begun to focus here more.

I am also low Individualist/Political and low Aesthetic. I now understand why I've avoided (and found painful) leadership roles as that's not my interest and nor am I am good in it.

I also understand how, with my low Aesthetic and high Traditional I can work like a dog in something I believe in...and feel very happy!

I have felt more free as I've grown to understand and apply my results to my life and to my family, clients and friends. I agree that this report has helped me release judgment of myself and of others.

I also agree with your thoughts that this is a quiz for self esteem - I have less doubt about where my strengths lie and how to use them more effectively.


Hey Jim!

It's great to hear more about how you're using your results. I know your insights will be helpful to other Wake Up Eager Community members.

Thank You for Taking the Time to Share!
All the Best, and More!

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