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Podcast Episode #42:
Debrief a TriMetrix Talent Report

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Overview of Episode #42 ---

  • Understanding How to Put Some Science into your Hiring Decisions. 
  • How to Debrief a TriMetrix Talent Report in 3 Steps. 
  • Recap of Annual Conference with Assessment Partner - "New for 2018." 

Timing on Recording: @ 5:45 --- 

Topic 1: Introduction to the TriMetrix Assessment and My Experience using this Product.

  •  About TTI SI and their TriMetrix Assessments.
  • What is new at TTI SI.
  • What I took away from the conference.
  • My award and presentation about podcasting.    

Timing on Recording: @ 18:50 ---

Topic 2: What is measured in TriMetrix.

  • DISC – How a person tends to drive.
  • Workplace motivators – What puts gas in a person’s tank.
  • Competency and Personal Skills – What’s under the hood. 
  • What TriMetrix does NOT cover.

Timing on Recording: @ 24:20  ---

Topic 3: Accuracy of the assessments.

  • Percentages of accuracy using 1-3 sciences.
  • The Department of Labor recommendations on assessments.

Timing on Recording: @ 25:45 ---

Topic 4: How assessments results should be applied.

  • Less than 30% of the decision-making.
  • Ranking system.

Timing on Recording: 28:36 ---

Topic 5: Debriefing an assessment in 3 steps – B.C.R.

  • B – Benchmark.
  1. Power of a benchmark.
  2. Process of creating a benchmark – explanation of different sciences.
  • C - Compare the benchmark.
  1. Gap report.
  • R - Risk level.
  1. Determine level of risk; Rating of 1 to 5 or color coding.
  2. Interview questions from Gap report for low rated areas. 
  3. Check references. 
  4. Determine how to follow-up.



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