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How to Choose a Career, Create Winning Resume and Interview Like a Pro

If you are not sure how to choose a career, you need interview tips and techniques or you want to create a winning resume, you'll want to review these career coaching options with an expert.

Are you wondering how to choose a career?  Do you need help creating a winning resume?  Do you want to brush up on your interviewing skills, so you can interview like a pro? 

Making a career change, resume-writing and interviewing are all acquirable skills.  Here are the coaching tools and resources to help support, advise and guide you to the work and career that you really want, all provided by my colleague: Career Expert and Coach Howard Cattie.

Coaching Resources and Options Include:

Three Out of Four...   Don't Let This Be You!

Did you know that three out of four adults are not using their strengths at work every day?   (According to Gallup Research) Three out of four!  

And that's a problem because people who do get to do what they do best every day are SIX times more likely to enjoy their work and THREE times more likely to report that they have a high quality of life.

If you're not sure what career to choose or you're unsure what the next best steps are for you - perhaps some guidance and extra support could help make the journey feel less overwhelming and easier.  

After all, unfortunately it's very common for people to not like their work. So many have not found their own "sweet spot" around their work - as evidenced by the dis-satisfaction and lack of eagerness all around us.  That does have to be YOUR normal - ask Career Coach Expert Howard Cattie, Jr. a question or schedule a complimentary coaching call, here.

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