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Get the Job You Want: Career Guidance,
Resume & Interviewing Preparation Help
Coaching Packages

Get career guidance, resume and interviewing preparation and tips and support with these three powerful coaching options.

Career guidance, interviewing preparation and resume help is now available with veteran "headhunter’ turned Career Coach Howard Cattie, Jr.  The winning techniques Howard gives you  has been refined for over 30 years and include insider secrets that have been used to train both professional recruiters and thousands of candidates. 

These programs combine individual coaching with a complete video package.  Whether you’re new to the job search game or a seasoned veteran, each program will help you compete for the best jobs in today’s market and help you get the job you want.

There are three coaching packages:  ResumeCoach, InterviewCoach and NetworkingCoach.


Here's what is included in the ResumeCoach Program:

  • Goals Coaching - determining your job search goals, realistic options and specific targets.
  • Career Assessment Coaching – identifying your natural skills and abilities.
  • Marketability Coaching  - developing and inventory and matrix of your marketable skills.
  • Resume Smarts Coaching - Self-paced professional videos, along with one-to-one coaching will help you understand resume types, create strategies, learn how to write   a “Forward Looking Resume” and show you how to use your resume to "sell yourself" throughout the entire job search process.

Stand out from the “herd” with our unique “Forward Looking Resume”. Get into the ”A” pile!!

  • Forward Looking Resume Coaching - Helping you write  an outstanding resume and showing you how to maintain it yourself for life.
  • Personal Marketing Coaching - Creating a professional overview document to guide and advance exploratory meetings.
  • Message Coaching - Helping you create your sales messages, elevator pitch, personal story, LinkedIn profile and how to use updates to your advantage.
  • Letters Coaching - Get powerful templates and wording for all required letters – cover, follow up,  resignation and more.

This resume coaching program will ensure that your resume represents you well and will help you MASTER the forward looking resume - which is ensure that you selected to interview for the jobs you want.

Get the Job You Want: The Career Guidance,
Resume & Interviewing Preparation Help
You've Been Looking For... 
Complimentary Coaching and Questions Answered 


Here's what is included in the InterviewCoach Program:

  • Interviewing Preparation Coaching - Helping you perfect your strategy, interviewing expertise and confidence.  Practice interviewing with targeted feedback designed to help you win!

Your confidence will soar.  You will look forward to interviews.  You will win more often.

  • MORE Interviewing Preparation Coaching - Additional self-paced, professional videos will help you further refine and perfect your interview strategy and execution. 

    INCLUDES - Unlimited, online interview practice – practice and improve yourself via recordings, drills and examples plus additional reviews and feedback by the coach.

    Sample preparation scripts and interview video examples.

This interviewing preparation coaching program will help you MASTER the different types of interviews:  phone, face-to-face, behavioral, panel, exploratory and executive.

Get the Job You Want: The Career Guidance,
Resume & Interviewing Preparation Help
You've Been Looking For... 
Complimentary Coaching and Questions Answered 


  • Job Networking Coaching – Learn best practices and develop your best strategy for getting the job you want as quickly as possible.
  • Networking Meeting Coaching  – Get a a simple and effective process for networking that will help you schedule and execute exploratory Networking meetings and phone calls with confidence and ease.
  • Research Coaching – Helping you develop your own 100 Target Company list with contact names, emails and phone numbers.
  • Networking Practice Coaching - Practice drills for networking phone calls and meetings. Video samples and recordings included.

Find the better jobs faster – the job you really want!

  • Smart LinkedIn Coaching -  Learn how to be found on LinkedIn and learn advanced techniques that will help you find a “hidden Job market”  and how to target specific companies and contacts. Build your network FAST and for life!
  • Campaign Coaching and Support – Get support in 30 minute weekly reviews so you can stay on track with a review of your daily activities, time management and next steps guidance.
  • Automatic Job Application Filler –This program will help you SAVE 75% of the time required to apply to a job online.  Apply more places, more quickly,
  • Daily Motivational Coaching – Use our daily mind, body and spirit coaching tips to keep your spirits high, energy strong and confidence soaring during your job search.
  • 24/7 Hotline Support – Get expert advice on strategy, tactics and specific “lines to use” WHEN YOU NEED IT during the ENTIRE time you are a client.
  • Offer Coaching - When you're negotiating your offers, you don't have to go it alone, we're there for you to provide guidance and strategy to optimize offers and timing.

This networking coaching program will help you MASTER the art of networking.  Build your network fast and find the better jobs with ease.

Get the Job You Want: The Career Guidance,
Resume & Interviewing Preparation Help
You've Been Looking For... 
Complimentary Coaching and Questions Answered 

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