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Fitness Expert: DON'T Start Now...

by Sal Marinello
(New York City Area)

1) Don't start a diet or exercise program during the holidays because of guilt over NOT doing so the rest of the year. If you can't get to the gym in February (or any other, less hectic time of the year) and/or avoid over doing food during the course of the year, trying to do so now is a sure-fire recipe for failure.

2) If you are on a regular training schedule the holidays are the perfect time to take some time off from the gym, engage in different activities, change your workout or a combination of all.

3) Enjoy the holiday foods and don't stress over the extra cookie, piece of pie or missing the gym for other fun activities.

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Sal Marinello
Experienced Strength Coach, Personal Trainer, Entrepreneur and Fitness Writer


Sal, Thanks for adding your comments here - smart advice @ NOT starting now, makes sense to not set yourself up for failure.

Also, perfect @ just allowing yourself to joy some of the fun... not resisting will make it all less of a temptation.

Folks, Sal shared some great workout inspiration tips and cool outdoor workouts video clips. Click here to read all the workout inspiration tips. (Sal's videos are on part/page 2.)

All the Best, and More!

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