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Three Universal Practices to Help You
Master the Enter the Zone Habit

enter the zone

Here are common 'Enter the Zone' statements describing feelings of being in the zone.  Do any of these seem statements seem familiar to you when you've been in the zone?  What would you add?

  • "I felt invincible and confident."
  • "Every action I took seemed effortless."
  • "Instinctively I knew where to go and what to do."
  • "Action felt effortless. My timing was perfect."
  • "It felt like I could do no wrong!"
  • "I felt 'at one' with..."  (the ball, the race car, the squirrel, the audience, my guitar, etc.)

When you've had enter the zone moments what were you doing?  Do you know how you got into the zone?  And, have you ever had enter the zone moments at work, on the job?  (Enter the Zone is one of the five Wake Up Eager Habits.)

It's easy to imagine a Hollywood actor talking about being 'in the zone' while shooting a scene in a movie or a pro athlete talk about being in the zone after an amazing game, isn't it?  It's also pretty easy to imagine a musician after performing and receiving a standing ovation talking about  effortless action while "doing his/her job".  Most of us can can imagine actors, athletes, artists and musicians having 'in the zone' moments at work.

But, can you imagine, as a Professional, experiencing and talking about your own enter the zone moments during a perfect performance sales call? Or being 'in the zone' during a team meeting or during a presentation? 

I believe we can all have many high flying "I'm invincible!" moments in our work.  And, it's my experience that you can cultivate these moments. That, if you want more enter the zone moments at work, it doesn't have to be left to chance or only something you hope for - you can create more of these moments, at any time, in any job.

The Three D's: Universal Practices to
Help You Master the Enter the Zone Habit

enter the zone

There are 3 Universal Practices (3 D's) that you can use to build and strengthen your ability to Enter the Zone at work. These simple and powerful practices help me, in my work, every day and I know they can work for you.  Each 3 D Practice is relatively simple, but each requires ongoing focus - to be seen as something you 'practice.'  These  aren't one-time actions, but things you continually revisit and refine.

Each Enter the Zone Practice applies to everyone: Actors, Athletes, Artists, Musicians AND Business Professionals, they really are Universal. For each I've also included one or two development tools.  Here are the 3 D's:

  • D---Daily Tune in Time (TnT)

I fully describe Tune in Time in this article. 

In Summary Daily Tune in Time Is: Taking a minimum of 15 minutes a day to pause, reflect, feel, think and plan. During this time your goal is to release inner tension and resistance; your focus is on aligning your thoughts and actions, and on training your vibration, energy and expectation upward and into a non-resistant state so that you feel more calm, more ease, more flow and more clarity every day.  On page 2 of my Tune in Time (TnT) article, I share 15 Tune In Time Activities to get you started.

  • D---Determine Job Fit Strengths and Gaps
  • Knowing exactly where you match the skills and talents needed for success in your work, AND where you don't is knowledge you must have if you want to more "I'm invincible, and I have perfect timing..." Enter the Zone experiences at work.

Musicians and actors determine 'Job Fit Strengths and Gaps' by the feedback they receive from their audiences and trusted advisers.

Athletes watch game tapes to review the results and plays of each Game to determine what they need to practice and what they did well.. 

What can YOU do to specifically measure your strengths and gaps? I recommend two tools:

  • 360 Degree Feedback
  • Superior Performance Assessments.   

Contact me for a complimentary consultation - and we can determine if either of these two tools would be a good fit for you.  Our consultation will be over the phone, it's free and there's no obligation.

If you want more enter the zone moments you must play to your strengths and close development gaps so that you feel powerful and sure, as often as possible, every day.  You have to master yourself and the job - and these two tools (360 Feedback and Superior Performance Assessments) can help you.  Contact me here for a complimentary discussion.

  •   D---Develop Gap Areas, Leverage Strengths

After you've discovered specifically where you match (and do not match) your role, your next focus is to continually develop "gap" areas and to practice leveraging/using more of your strengths, every day.  Research indicates that positive change and development occurs when you:

  • Name, claim, use and leverage your strengths every day. (You'll go backwards if you get too focused on gaps and what's not working!)
  • Focus on closing the gap on one development opportunity, at a time.

It IS Possible!

You CAN have more enter the zone moments every day.  It just takes the 3 D's: Daily Tune In Time, Determining Strengths and Gaps, and Developing Gap Areas and Leveraging Strengths.

"It’s a very strange feeling. It’s as if time slows down and you see everything so clearly. You just know that everything about your technique is spot on.
It just feels so effortless; it’s almost as if you’re floating across the track.
Every muscle, every fiber, every sinew is working in complete harmony
and the end product is that you run fantastically well."

Extract from ‘Mind Games,’ Grout and Perrin, 2006

Those 'effortless' 'I'm invincible' moments are NOT just reserved for the famous or for artists or athletes.  They can be a part of every professional's daily life.  Cultivate your quiet time and your confidence in your abilities, and every day you'll have - time in the zone!

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