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Wake Up Eager Habit: Grow Trust - What's The Definition of Leadership?  What One Thing Do All Great Leaders Do Really Well?

The best definition of leadership greatnesss explains what & specifically HOW to lead strong. The top four communication skill builders for improving motivation in the workplace & growing trust.

What's the definition of great leadership? What one thing do all great leaders do really well?

They know how to grow trust with others. You may ask - Trust? Why trust? Because to be a successful Leader you have to be able to inspire people to take positive action.

And, people will not take positive action based upon something you suggest, unless they trust you. Successful Leaders s know how to cultivate and grow trust with others, that's why Grow Trust is one one of the Five Wake Up Eager Habits.

The "Official Wake Up Eager GROW TRUST Definition:

To Grow Trust is a focus on how good you are at building trust in peer, client and teammate relationships so that they have confidence in you. If you've mastered this Habit, people tend to believe that your intentions are good, that they can depend on you and that they do not need to protect themselves from you.

This is important because high trust relationships have been proven to create more speed, more efficiency and more success. Also, high trust, low resistance, relationships are richer and fulfilling because each person is more willing to be open, honest and even vulnerable with each other.

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More About The Power of This Habit...

The definition of Leadership success ends with: promotions, close relationships, a great work product and financial abundance. All of THAT good 'stuff' STARTS with your ability to: Grow Trust.

Here's why... if I trust you and you trust me then, when we work together, we spend ALL of our time focusing on what we are working on, and on getting the best results. And NO time is wasted second-guessing motives, 'watching my back' and/or in defensiveness/blame.

John Quincy Adams' Definition of Leadership Success:"If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."

When we trust each other we don't waste valuable time and energy 'watching our back', stubbornly stalling progress and purposefully withholding information, because we aren't suspect of each others intent or motives.

When trust is high, everything moves faster and is less expensive.

Think about teammates, clients and peers you've trusted over the years... because you trusted these people, you were able to focus on the facts and the situation at hand. No time was spent worrying about the other person's motives or hidden agendas when you had high trust, right?

Now think about someone you don't trust. How well did you work with this person?

Low Trust = Slower Pace + More Expense

A good cost of low-trust example: Look at the security checks at the airport. This is an unfortunately necessary low-trust situation. It means more time for travelers, and more money and expense for the aviation industry. (The Atlanta airport - my hometown - is the slowest!)

  • Do your team members, peers and clients trust you?
  • Are they open and vulnerable with you?
  • Do they say what they mean - or - are they guarded and cautious?

THE Definition of Leadership and Sales Success: “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved.” George MacDonald

How Do Leaders Get Better at Growing Trust?

This website is devoted to resources and tools for developing this Habit. The top focus areas for this Habit are: Assessment, Becoming An Aggressive Listener, Seeing the best in Others, Developing Personal Accountability Strengths and Team Building.

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