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Conducting Successful Job Interviews:
5 Tips and Interview Questions to Avoid Bad Interviews

There are 3 important issues that greatly impact hiring and profitability:

  • Issue #1: Current employment trends
  • Issue #2: Actual costs associated with employee turnover and hiring mistakes
  • Issue #3: Our human tendency to ‘thin-slice’ and to be influenced through unconscious bias

These 3 issues from Page 1 point to the need and requirement that companies large and small use effective tools and processes to make the hiring process more accurate. Simply put - you must be conducting successful job interviews!

5 Conducting Successful Job Interviews Action Tips
& Must-Ask Interview Questions...

Here are 5 specific Actions that can be taken and 5 interview questions to ask to improve your company's hiring accuracy and your bottom line profits:

  • 1. Create a simple hiring process that is thorough, constantly updated and followed by everyone who hires. This is basic, I know, but many company's just wing it. Make sure you've got this basic in place. And if it is already in place, continually refine and improve it.

  • 2. Sell recruits on what's exciting about your company's mission, NOT just the job description. During the interview the Candidate should talk 75% of the time, and the Interviewer only 25%. This is an important ratio to remember - 75:25. But when you, the Interviewer, do talk (during your 25%), be sure to share why working at your company matters. Share all of the meaningful aspects.  In the interview initally you want to inspire, interest and promote your brand. It does not matter whether this person is top or bottom pick.

  • 3. Determine the specific personal skills the job needs for optimum performance.  Don't just focus on background and experience.  Look at attitude and personal skills too, like teamwork, results orientation and decision-making ability.  

    Note: The top 2 personal skills required for superior performance in pretty much every job are: Personal accountability and self-management. 

    2 interview questions from our workshop that you should always ask every candidate, are:
    1) Tell me about a time when it was necessary to admit to others that you had made a mistake. How did you handle it? Listen for examples & info that reveal high or low personal accountability.
    2) Do you consider yourself to be a good time manager? Share with me the planning system you use and show me how you use it. How much time do you spend getting organized on a daily basis? When do you do it? What impact do you think this habit has on your results? Listen for examples & info that reveal high or low self-management.
  • 4. Determine what the job will actually reward. Then, in the interview, focus on finding out what truly motivates your candidate. Make sure the job rewards MATCH what the candidate is intrinsically motivated by. For example, most sales jobs reward a high drive and interest in economic gain, and studies tell us that 72% of all top sales people are driven by economic gain. 

    3 interview questions you should ask all SALES candidates, to measure their how strong their own economic interest drive really is, are:
    1) How important is earning a lot of money to you? What do you consider to be "a lot" of money? 
    2) Where would you like to be, financially, in 5 years? 10 years? Why?
    3) What role does earning a significant income play in your job choices? In staying in a job?

  • 5. Make sure you have the right people on your team interviewing candidates. Do they understand the position, your benchmark and the company’s vision? Are they trained in interviewing? Do they understand the company’s hiring process? This is another basic that gets left behind when you're in a hurry. A poor interviewer is detrimental to your bottom line. (See the stats around the costs of poor hiring as a reminder!)

Download a PDF With These 5 Tips
and 5 Interview Questions, Here.

These 5 conducting successful interviews steps will help you avoid the “Warren Harding Error” and beat emerging trends and costs of high turnover and hiring mistakes.

Do not let the busyness of your everyday relegate the specific process of hiring to something that you do at the last minute and gets little thought. Make conscious hiring decisions by developing a conscious, high-priority hiring process.

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