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Building My Client Base-Have Heard "Blog or Die" - Do You Agree or Disagree?

by LinkedIn Colleague
(Atlanta, GA)

My Question for You Is: I see you blog virtually every day. I have talked to a lot of people with backgrounds similar to yours. Most of them say "Blog or die." Is blogging critical to your success? I have a blog, but I don't post daily to it.

I'm a new Consultant with great Partners and all of the intellectual capital I need to help many companies. I'm a firm believer in networking, since every job I ever got was thru my network.

Just looking for ideas to help me get my biz off the ground...what's worked best for you?

A LinkedIn Colleague

p.s. I just have to say...I am impressed with your credentials and your website.


Hey There LinkedIn Colleague!

I agree with you around networking--every job I've gotten as a corporate employee and as a Consultant (since I started my biz in 2004) has been related to Networking...

I do not subscribe to the "Blog or Die" advice.

Now, I do blog and write every day---and I have a decent-sized web following with @ 45,000+ page views a month, and growing, but that's because I love to write and create, and I have online and train-the-trainer products, AND it's just something that makes my heart sing! :)

But, from 2004-2009 ALL of my business for Priceless came from:

  1. Talks I gave to associations & groups (IMO the #1 way to meet people and give value

  2. Referrals

  3. and networking, with a focus on just being sincerely interested in people.

While I love blogging and everything technical, I do it because I love it, and because I like writing and creating programs anyone can use and access, if interested.

The online part of my business IS an important part of my long-term strategy and every day interest, but it is not, yet, where the bulk of my business comes from. Most of my business comes from 1,2 & 3, above.

BTW, since you mention that you like my website, this is website tool/team I use: SiteSell IMO it's the best tool out there. I've used them since 2009, and have been am an affiliate for them, since then.

I want you to know that the links here to Sitesell IS an affiliate link where if you purchase something, Priceless Professional will receive a financial thank you from the seller.

I have absolutely enjoyed my affiliation with them. This is an overview page about their Services, and this page talks about whether you should build a blog or a website.

"Holler" if you have questions, any time. I'm happy to share any info I have might be helpful...paying it forward, since SO MANY others have helped me through the years!

We are all in this together!!

All the Best,
Suzie Price

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