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ADVanced Insights Profile Expert  - Interview and Debriefing Resources

These resources are for you the UHY Consulting  Leader. Here are the tools and resources you need to confidently debrief and use the ADVanced Insights Profile in all of your hiring, development and retention programs.

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Priceless Hiring Process Resources for UHY

Individual Assessment-Related Tools for Hiring Managers:

trimodal The Profile is Tri-Modal. It measures three views with three different sciences. Assessments should be considered as less than 30% of any management decision.

Additional Coaching and Development Resources

five areasConsider all five areas when reviewing fit for a position. Use this model to determine areas of strength and potential development.

General Information for Interviewers and Hiring Managers:

Additional "Gas In Tank"  Coaching and Development Tools 

employee life cycle image

One Page Job Rewards Summary Image and Coaching Workbook for Each Top Interest:


One Page - Job Rewards


Results & Business

One Page - Job Rewards


Power Player

One Page - Job Rewards


Balance and Harmony

One Page - Job Rewards


Service Focused 

One Page - Job Rewards


Process and Order

One Page - Job Rewards


More Motivator "Gas in Tank" Insight - Gifts Each Top Interest Would Enjoy:

gift guide motivators 2023 image 1

Theoretical and Economic
Download Image 

gift guide motivators 2023 image 2

Individualistic and Altruistic
Download Image 

gift guide motivators 2023 image 3

Traditional and Aesthetic
Download Image 

"HOW WE DRIVE" DISC Communication Style Resources:

Motivators and DISC Team Building Workshop:

  • PPT: Master Team Meeting and Team Building Program with facilitation notes

    Notes about this PPT:  You will need to edit the PPT for time. (Call me if you want to talk through the best way to customize this for your workshop.) 

    I start with, and place a strong focus on, Motivators – as this reveals their WHY, What puts "gas in their tank." Motivators while not easily visible, drive behavior.  

    Here are eight additional DISC workshop exercises.

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