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 Podcast Episode #59:
Putting People First

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Overview of Episode #59 --- 

  • Why TTI SI is committed to sharing the Science of Axiology with the world.
  • How to use this science to change and grow, and upcoming updates, what’s next for TTI SI’s Acumen report.
  • Gain insights from a super busy Executive, husband and father – his favorite books, tips and inspiration. 

Contact Rick Bowers:

Timing on Recording: @ 6:13  ---

Topic 1: Welcome Rick Bowers; How You Became Aware of Robert S. Hartman's Work; Why Did You Decide That This Is a Tool You're Interested in Learning More About and Bringing It to People; Why Have You Continued to Stay Committed to It. 

  • It is getting inside someone's head, understanding how they think, and people are so complex that you just can't look at a person from just DISC or just from a couple assessments, you really have to have this complete picture of the individual and understand what's going on and where are their filters, what's going on in their brain.
  •  The Hartman tools give us the ability to understand how people look at the world and how they look at themselves.      
  • It is tough to look and assess a person without looking at everything, including the Axiology, Hartman’s work.

Timing on Recording: @ 10:05  ---

Topic 2When You Use the Tool, How Have You Used it Within the Organization? How is It Used Across the Country? Across the World.

  • We use it with every internal hire.
  • When we're bringing in Chief Marketing Officers and VPs of people, different people at that level, you really have to truly understand how they think.
  • World view vs. Internal view.
  • Business is off a little bit this year, but the training and the development business is up because organizations have been hiring people without assessments over the last 12 months because they needed a person, and now they're having problems within the organization because they didn't make that connection, they did not use Acumen.
  • If you don't match the person to the job, you're going to have issues as you go forward.

Timing on Recording: @ 13:38 ---

Topic 3: How Has Hartman’s Work Impacted Your Life?

  • You start to look at things very differently.
  • Intrinsic, Extrinsic and Systemic.
  • Hartman’s work is a mental mind map that is so powerful personally and professionally.

Timing on Recording: @ 16:46  ---

Topic 4: What Do You Say to Consultants Who Are Struggling to “Bring it all together?”

  • Use Axiology at the level that you're comfortable with.
  • Focus on three main things: The people piece, feeling, the doing or practical piece, and then the systems or thinking piece.

Timing on Recording: @ 18:48  ---

Topic 5: What Do You Think the Future of Hartman’s Work Is? Do You See Changes in the Tools?

  • There's so much opportunity, there's so much potential for growth and expansion.
  • The Hartman Institute’s goal is to change the world for the better.
  • Get more business-minded people into the Hartman Institute.
  • Update training recertification.
  • Updated Dimensional Balance page.

Timing on Recording: @ 28:02  ---

Topic 6: Who Has Most Influenced You in Your Life and Career? Who are They, What Do They Say and Do? What Was Most Useful?

  • My Dad.
  • He led by example.
  • Really exuded that, “People first,” kind of mentality.

Timing on Recording: @ 30:39  ---

Topic 7: What Books, Training Programs, What Kind of Things Have Been Instrumental to Your Development?

Timing on Recording: @ 32:33  ---

Topic 8: When You Think of the Word Successful, Who's the First Person That Comes to Mind?

  • Jeff Bezos from Amazon.
  • “How can we make it easier for our customers to buy?”
  • “How do I make it easier?”

Timing on Recording: @ 36:27  ---

Topic 9: What Are Some of the Things That You Do That Regularly That Help You Have More Wake Up Eager Days?

  • It’s all about routine.
  • Clean living.
  • Protein shake in the morning.
  • Clear your glass, taking a step back visualizing some of the better times that you've had, just have to get it out, and let people know what you're feeling.
  • 2-3 physical workouts per week.

Timing on Recording: @ 42:46  ---

Topic 10: Getting to Know Rick Bowers.

  • Your favorite guilty pleasure TV show: Chicago PD, Chicago Fire, Chicago Med.
  • Your favorite possession: Cars (Camaro, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Spider).
  • Advice you would give you 25 year-old self: “Every mistake is an opportunity to learn. Don’t be defensive.”
  • If you could have a billboard anywhere, what would it say?: “Chase your dreams, not the competition.”
  • Last bit of wisdom, advice that you want everybody who's listening to take away: You can't fill an intrinsic hole with extrinsic or systemic dirt.

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