Managing Stress and Motorcycle Rides!

by Grady Batchelor
(Decatur, Alabama)

1) Do aerobic exercise which increases the oxygen flow to the brain. If you do not have time to go to the gym you can get up and walk around your office or do deep breathing exercises which in turn helps reduce stress by sending more oxygen to the brain.

2) Prioritize and do only what is most important. When you prioritize you will generally find some or a lot of what you do that causes you stress does not require doing.

3) Make a change for a few minutes and do something different when you are really stressed even if it means leaving your office and sometimes especially if it means leaving you office and changing your setting for a few minutes.

For example, I ride my motorcycle when I am really stressed. A good thirty minutes riding out in the open away from the office can reduce a lot of stress and help me focus my efforts.

Here is wishing you stress free and happy holidays!
Grady Batchelor, CMC
Consultant, Educator, Community and Economic Developer


Hey Grady,

My nephew swears by his motorcycle and stress relief. It makes him happy to just talk about riding, and ecstatic when he comes back from a ride.

Your ideas @ stress relief brought to mind this resource page with stress management help for anyone else who's looking for more stress help.

Exercise is key too.

Thanks for sharing with the WUE community!
All the best, and More!

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