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What I Do is Who I Am

by Jon Henry

No, I don't have a rewarding life BEYOND my work or profession. After serving as a pastor for 15 years.

I left the 'ministry' to pursue a career in the marketplace outside of 'church'. I moved towards a life where my life and work could be meshed; I want to live a life where my 'ministry' or values are demonstrated in everyday life.

What I do is who I am.

I understand that I am a realistic-artistic and starting and running businesses that reflect that allow me to do what is generally rewarding - window cleaning, graphic design, and public speaking.

Am I saying that I don't have a life outside of work? No.

I'm saying that there isn't so much of a work/private life separation. I've taken each of my family members with me to wash windows.

I've asked for input from each of my family members for reaction to my design work or even for ideas. I've brought my children to Toastmasters and have told stories in my wife's 7th grade English classes.

I find the Bible to be great source of wisdom and especially enjoyed the book 'Simply Your Life' by Elaine St. James.

Jon Henry
Creating and operating ethical service-based businesses

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