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Wake Up Eager Podcast   |   Wednesday Tips


by Jenni Wright

I think a lot has to do with expectations... we go in to the Christmas season expecting problems with certain people, and voila! We get them!

I hear people talking about it. "Oh I'm dreading meeting the in-laws for Christmas ... blah blah" (add your own ending that you will have heard).

Go in thinking of joy and tolerance and love and helpfulness and kindness and acceptance and ... And voila!

Well, I can't guarantee anything, but I reckon it might be at least a little better.
Jenni Wright


Jenni- You called it perfectly - what we expect, we get. I love your use of "Voila" like it's magic and a surprise, when in fact we were creating it all along, with our expectations.

Changing expectations by working on our moods and beliefs and expectations WAY before the event, internally first, is POWERFUL. Agree, we know we're NOT changing expectations and there our own future, when we're complaining about "those people".

Thanks for sharing this knowing...
All the Best, and More!

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