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Update: 14 Months Consistent-Top 10 Reasons I've Stuck with It

by Suzie Price
(Marietta, GA)

Frozen Green Smoothies for Travel

Frozen Green Smoothies for Travel

14 months ago I started drinking Green Smoothies on a daily basis.

I change my mind a lot. (I am very curious about "new things" I am always changing my habits...)

So, staying consistent with Green Smoothies this long demonstrates how easy and beneficial it is.

That's why I am sharing this with Wake Up Eager Leaders and Sales Pros: you're busy, and you don't have much time for good nutrition. THIS is easy and do-able AND it keeps you healthy and gives you energy!

In my blog posts about my journey with Green Smoothies I've shared why I started doing this, key tips, tools and resources for getting started and staying consistent. Be sure to check out all those tips, here.

Two Travel Options

  1. FROZEN SMOOTHIES: I've taken the above frozen drinks with me to Indiana (that's where we go for Christmas) and to Sea Island.

    Both trips were for 4 or more days. My frozen drinks thaw as needed, and stay fresh enough in the refrigerator during the trip.

    A good option that has worked when traveling in private vehicles.

  2. POWDERED GREENS: For the last two months of last year we were busy, busy, busy, busy... (house remodel, trip to Mexico, family Christmas trips and more) thinking about trying to make green Smoothies stressed me out, so I found a great alternative: Green Vibrance.

    This is a great alternative when you are traveling. I put a tablespoon or two in a glass or bottle of water, and at least I was getting greens in my diet every day.

    Warning: Green Vibrance does not taste as good as making your own Green Smoothies, but it was better than not staying on the healthy eating, "I feel good" track.

My Top 10 Reasons I've Stuck With Green Smoothies...

  1. They are easy to make.

  2. They taste good.

  3. They curb my wine, sweets and fatty food cravings.

  4. I've not had a real cold since I began.

  5. They give me more energy.

  6. I have less mood swings.

  7. This good habit, leads to other good habits, like healthier choices at restaurants and at home.

  8. I've stayed leaner with less effort and less ups and downs on the scale.

  9. I swear my skin looks better, shinier, clearer.

  10. Overall, I feel better, more energized, more youthful.

Try it. Let me know how it goes.

Share your comments, questions, tips and ideas with other WUE Readers, here.

All the Best,
Suzie Price

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Jan 19, 2012
Thanks for all the tips NEW
by: Anonymous

Thanks for all the tips and for sharing your experience. I'm going to print your Smoothie worksheet and give it a whirl!

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