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Transformational Leadership

by Mark Fawcett
(Fresno, CA)

Thanks for a wonderful topic, Suzie. Listening truly is the lost art of leadership. I have never heard of aggressively listening (sounds intimidating), so how about “active” listening. Maybe it’s the same concept?

Active listening is the willingness and skill to listen and comprehend (Hoope, 2007). Leaders who practice active listening are more likely to gain a deeper understanding and obtain more information during a discussion (Hoope). The skills of active listening include: (a) listening to the words of others, (b) reserving opinions, (c) reflecting, (d) clarifying the words of others, (e) accurately summarizing thoughts, and (f) sharing.

Hoppe, M. H. (2007). Lending an ear: Why leaders must learn to listen actively. Leadership in Action, 27(4), 11-14.

Now the charismatic leadership topic . . . :)

Charismatic leaders present a lucid vision, possess abundant self-assurance, are agents of change, are sometimes eccentric, and are realistic about the constraints of their environment (McLaurin & Al Amri, 2009).

The primary actions of charismatic leaders include the demonstration of confidence leading to motivating followers, acting as role models, perpetually communicating goals and vision, and building an inspiring image. Nevertheless, although charisma is a valuable leadership asset, it is only a single of many important major traits.

Therefore, I suggest as an alternative, personal development towards transformational or visionary leadership. In both instances, charisma can be a potent attribute.

Consider the concept of transformational leadership. Transforming leadership occurs when followers and leaders encourage heightened degrees of morality and motivation in each other (Burns, 1979). Therefore, both the leaders and followers share the benefit of transforming leadership. The aspects of a transforming leader include (a) encouraging awareness of vision, (b) followers who gain greater abilities and potential, (c) persuading followers to use new perspectives, (d) and successfully promoting the interests of the team above those of the individual (McLaurin & Al Amri, 2009). Specific practices of a transforming leader include acting as a role model, creating a culture of empowerment, establishing a vision, communicating the vision, and driving change.

So . . . my short point is, YES, charismatic leadership but part of a greater whole for personal leadership development. :)

Burns, J. M. (1979). Leadership. New York, NY: Harper & Row.

McLaurin, J. R., & Al Amri, M. B. (2008). Developing an understanding of charismatic and transformational leadership. Allied Academies International Conference. Academy of Organizational Culture, Communications and Conflict. Proceedings, 13(2), 15.

Mark Fawcett
Total Quality Management
(TQM) Doctor


Mark, Thanks for all of the references... yes, aggressive listening does sound strong - supposed to have the same intent as active listening...

I've just found that people sometimes lose interest when the topic's brought up - sounds dull. But aggressive listening... well, that seems to capture interest and implies doing something. I agree though - it can sound intimidating! :)

Appreciate your points about charismatic leadership as being part of a greater whole... well said by you!

The idea that listening is important to being charismatic is interesting one, that I think gets missed. Many tend to think of Charisma as wowing people with our powerful words and wisdom and a commanding presence... when in fact, I believe we become more influential when we listen, tune in and 'be present' with others in an authentic way.

All the Best, and More!

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