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Wake Up Eager Podcast   |   Wednesday Tips

The Present is a Gift

by Noelyne Jones
(Peterborough, United Kingdom)

1. Happiness comes from within. Choose to be happy now no matter what your situation. If you are happy now then you will still be happy when you get what you want.

If you are miserable now even when you get what you want you will still be miserable. You don't have to go in search of happiness as it's already in you now.

2. Have an attitude of gratitude - the key to happiness and success. Be grateful for what you have and enjoy the present moment.

That's all there is.

"The past is history, the future a mystery and the present is a gift!"

Noelyne Jones



Love your points about choosing and that what we choose now is what will continue. As soon as I started realizing that I really could choose, well then everything started getting better and better.

Two of the processes that have helped me most are the focus wheel and making lists of appreciation.

Thank you for adding to the power of the focus of appreciation, here.

All the Best, and More!

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