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Project Idea for Family - Make a Movie!

by Jane

Just read your Healthy Family Series of articles - all great, thank you!

Had to share this idea for a tradition with family members. It comes from an article I read about an Aunt who was excited to see her family for a one week vacation in her mountain home, but she was concerned.

Her concern was @ how she was going to keep all the different family ages and interests of family members entertained and 'getting-along' for an entire week. The visiting family members in included: several pre-teens, teens, young professionals, young parents and two grandparents who were retired.

She decided to have the family focus on creating a movie, that the entire family worked on together - from script, to acting to editing...

I can't remember everything she shared - but the point was that they had a fun time together. Everyone got involved. They talked about the movie while on walks, at breakfast and before going to bed.

They laughed, they were impatient with each other, they enjoyed each other and learned new things about each other and they left the week with great memories and a hilarious movie.

I think that projects and things like this - are kind of what Suzie is talking about here in this series, doing something together that creates bonds, discussions and something positive to spend time on together.

Had to share this idea - maybe someone can try it and give a more detailed reporting back here on how it went. Love this series as it reminds me about how important balancing out my personal life with my professional life impacts my entire life!

Thank you Suzie for all of your thought, time and attention to Waking Up Eager... I'm getting there!!


Hey Jane!

Thank you for being a WUE Community Friend and Contributor. I love this idea. If anyone tries this - be sure to post the results here.

The perfect project that gets everyone involved,
and creates long-time fond memories and connections.

Every time we think we have 'nothing in common' with someone-we can if we choose to turn that around with just a little bit of focus, intention and interaction.

We all, while very diverse in our every day lives, have a common core which is love, wanting to give it, see it, feel it and be it. Projects are a great non-threatening way to involve and love on everyone.

I need to remember that, too!
Thank you for sharing Jane!

All the Best,
Suzie Price

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