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Wake Up Eager Podcast   |   Wednesday Tips

Podcast Episode #10:
Poll Everywhere: A Meeting & Training Tool

Overview of Episode #10 ---

  • The best way to open and a meeting and keep participants engaged.
  • Meeting and training tool: Poll Everywhere.
  • Interview with Poll Everywhere Product Manager Steve Farrelly.
  • How Facilitator Linda Duncan has seen Poll Everywhere be used.

Topic #1: The best way to open and a meeting and keep participants engaged.

Timing on Recording: @ 2:00 ---

Timing on Recording: @ 3:45 ---

  • What is Poll Everywhere?  Poll Everywhere provides text message voting and audience Q&A, straight to your PowerPoint slide. It's the easiest way to gather live responses in any venue: conferences, presentations, classrooms, radio, t.v., print — everywhere. It works internationally via text, web, or Twitter. Our customers includes large and small companies, school and community organizations: Google, several global consulting firms, GE, McDonald's, and countless Kindergarten Idol competitions.
  • Examples of how it can be used - from the Poll Everywhere website blog: Ways to use it- website: Icebreaker;  Break up a marathon PowerPoint session; a pop quiz; team competitions.

Timing on Recording: @ 7:00 ---

Topic # 2:  Interview with Poll Everywhere Product Manager Steve Farrelly

Poll Everywhere Podcast #10
  • All about: Steve Farrelly - Product Manager, Chief Gaiety Officer and What’s a Chief Gaiety Officer  and Why Steve is posing with a deer head wearing headphones and mustache in his company photo.
  • What it’s like to work at Poll Everywhere.

Timing on Recording: @ 14:40 ---

  • What keeps people from using it.
  • How trainers use this tool.

Timing on Recording: @  18:40 ---

  • Super unique and unusual ways people use Poll Everywhere.

Timing on Recording: @  26:34 ---

  • Clickable images feature – how this can be used. 

Timing on Recording: @  30:07 ---

  • What’s coming next from Poll Everywhere.
  • Steve tells us how to get started:  “I recommend that everyone go to to try it out – it literally takes 30 seconds and there’s no signup required.  Get tips and best practices on the Poll Everywhere Blog and follow up on Twitter and LinkedIn.  

Topic #3: How Facilitator Linda Duncan Has Seen Poll Everywhere Be Used.

Timing on Recording: @ 43:19 ---

  • How she's seen Poll Everywhere be used at community meetings
  • How they used it to "create surprise and delight" at a very important meeting
  • Contact Linda at:

Share Your Comments, Questions and Uses for Poll Everywhere Here

Do you have a question or comment about Poll Everywhere? Have you used it? Share it all here!

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