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Other Spin Bikes?

by Fitness Friend

Great article about spin bike workouts(and Coach Sean), Suzie. Did you try other spin bikes out? In the past I've spent timelooking for a new spin bike with a computer.

I spent a lot of time looking last year, but then came away with nothing. I do have spin bike at home which works fine so I didn't look much more after that.

Your bike looks awesome. But wondering if you tried others out and your opinions.

Fitness Friend

Suzie Comments:

Hey Fitness Friend, I've ridden other bikes in spin classes at the gym. I did NOT ride a Keiser M3+ before I bought---could have been risky, huh?

I did read all those reviews on Amazon, talked with a Keiser Rep, talked to the folks who do the ProForm Tour deForce Bike (it looked cool, too), read a BUNCH of reviews and watched several YouTube videos... (there was a lot of negative chatter about the Tour de Force Bike-----and almost no negative chatter about the Keiser M3...)

What I love about the Keiser Bike:

  • Smooth, smooth, smooth ride

  • LOVE the way you add tension---with an EASY little lever that you push up or down (ya' don't have to crank a knob, just lightly tap the lever up and down---completely cool)

  • My Purdue engineer grad, engineer-career husband was extremely impressed with engineering of it.

  • I think it's pretty!

  • Small footprint and lightest weight --- compared to others- so easy to move around

  • My dear-Engineer-husband was out of town when it arrived - impatient and completely NON-mechanical-ME put it together. THAT is AMAZING, and nothing's fallen off (yet!) SOOOO easy to put together, apparently that's because it's so well-engineered.

  • There are some complaints online about non-moveable handlebars. Seems to be an issue only for the rather-short people or very-tall people. I'm sorta on the short-side, so I ordered the M3+ ---which is the newest bike, with movable handlebars- absolutely perfect.

  • Did I already mention how smoothe the ride is and how easy it is to use and how PRETTY and sleek it is? (oh yea, I think I did...but it is!)

Hope this helps you with your research, and thank you for visiting the website. Let me know if you end up with a new bike!

All the Best,
Suzie Price
Professional Facilitator and Blogger

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