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Nurture Self and Simplify

by Suzanne Sherry

My top tips
1. Simplicity - Love, presence and laughter
Focus on the people you love and care about. Not the decor, gifts and activities. Let being 'present' to others be your greatest 'present'.

Be compassionate and giving to those in need.
Use wisdom, tolerance and compassion in those testing and stressful situations.

Laugh a lot- it's good for your spirit and emotional well being and that of others.

2. Nurture your spirit - Put your blackberry, laptop etc out of reach over the holiday period. If you really need to be contacted they will find a way to do so.
Clear the head and focus on your 'being' - whatever that may be for you.

Be 'present' to yourself. Take some time alone to tune into your needs - spiritual, emotional and physical. Go for those long walks, listen to music, meditate, play with the kids etc.

3. Rest - sleep well, relax and renew yourself
Suzanne Sherry
Director of Mission

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