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Needful & Useful Gifts-First Aid Kits

by Jim Germer
(Los Angeles)

Craig, As usual, I find myself in agreement with you. I (and my family) discovered a few years ago that the celebration of the nativity need not be an exercise in mass consumption.

We limit the amount of money we spend on "gifting" and tend to give things that are needful and useful -- my wife uses the last of her flex spending account money to buy medical-type stuff and give first aid kits to our kids for their kids.

Kinda quirky at first thought, but quite meaningful as the year progresses and they have all the band-aids, cold meds, pain relievers, etc. that they need.

Of course, we tend to be thankful that our youngest son is able to get leave from the Navy and join us from Japan each year, so the celebration of the birth of the King of Kings really is just that for us, now. We tend to leave the commercialism to the pagans. (LOL)

Jim Germer
Trainer, and Facilitator Email

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