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My Cranky Christmas Story and What Would Help

by Alliee DeArmond
(San Francisco)

One of those weeks: Several people suddenly couldn't come to work. My newsletter was due out yesterday. Several customers' orders were falling through the cracks.

At home laundry overflowed and the kitchen floor was sticky. Now some self-appointed authority sat telling me what I oughta do in a 'this is obvious' tone of voice.

Made me think about how someone really COULD help a small business/organization like mine:
1. Walk with me. (A couple hours a week would make a big difference.)
2. Spend a few bucks. (Here instead of that national discount store.)
3. Offer significant support. (Thank God for our sponsors.)
Just in case anyone was wondering...

Alliee DeArmond
Owner, The Word Shop & Author of Using The Word



Love that you shared a cranky Christmas story too! :) Also love the type of support you requested/suggested.

Everyone, support local businesses... spend money AND listen, cheer on and encourage your friends who run them.

All the Best, and More!

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