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Like Putting Wings on Catepillars

by Sandy Gluckman

I agree with Trevor that listening is about being present. Leaders (people) who are present are not distracted by all kinds of intervening thoughts and emotions going on inside of them.

This means that these are people who are not primarily driven by their ego because ego is very concerned with personal agendas and a strong need to do and say things that will impress others.

So when our egos are in control we will not be able to be present and we will not be able to listen - no matter how many listening and charismatic courses we attend.

Trying to convince ego-driven leaders to listen and to be charismatic is like 'putting wings on caterpillars.' It does not stick!

The leader who is truly present without any effort whatsoever is the leader who is being totally real - genuinely himself or herself; no masks, no bluff and bluster, just being who they are.

My word for that is being 'spirited' because when we are connected to the spirit of who we are, we will be authentic, available, curious and interactive...without having to be told to do this as a good leadership practice.

For spirited leaders, listening and engaging with others with trust and respect, comes naturally.

Sandy Gluckman
Organizational Leadership Specialist and Keynote Speaker


Sandy, love what you said about not being driven by ego and your own personal agenda - and how that keeps us from listening... a great point!

Love the "wings on caterpillars' comment! Yes,
I also love - your points about being real and genuine and spirited.

Thank you all for sharing your thoughts, comments and insights...

Happy Holidays to Each of You...
All the Best, and More, to You All!

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