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Like Entering the Zone Exercises "Getting Me Off My Duff!"

by Kim Grabovsky

I love this 'Entering the Zone' thing, and several of the stress management - Tune In Time - exercises.

I've been thinking about you lately because I've been craving to wake-up eager. Lately I've been getting my 8 hours of sleep and things have been good, peaceful, and calm but I've been a little bored which is a first for me.

Anyway, I got coached last week what I can be doing to wake-up excited because I'm working on big things.

As a result of the coaching, I'm in a very creative state right now and the juices are flowing now.

These exercises are helping me feel more creative.

I love the ABC exercise! I got excited at even the thought of the exercise. What a great brain exercise too. It just made me happy that I was thinking and challenging myself :-)

You can do this with anything for brainstorming activities. Let's say you're stuck in some area of your life. If you think of solutions with the ABC exercise, you come up with some really creative ones. You can even start in different places in the alphabet. I've been getting to D and stopping because I want to move on to something else.

I also did the journal prompts with "Wouldn't it be nice if..." and that was really energizing. It got me off my duff! I wanted to start making things happen but at the same time I wanted to continue the exercise. I was torn!

I decided to pause the exercise and continue on my next break. I combined this exercise with the other one by adding "why" to it. I think this is even better for me than the "I want" list because it's disarming. When I say I want something, I feel committed to it and I second guess writing it down.

When I say, wouldn't it be nice if...., I open myself up to all the possibilities of my desires and write everything down. Love it!

Of course I coached myself through the really big desires, identified my obstacles and came up with possible solutions. This is why I wanted to get started on my day and stop the exercise. LOL!

Your website is so packed with resources. I read more of your website and loved it! I think the first time I looked at your website, I was a little overwhelmed that I didn't know where to start.

This time I entered through your newsletter following the link for the 15+ stress management activities.

From there I was able to follow the E.A.G.E.R habits and all the resources that fall under them. It all makes sense now. I'm a little slow sometimes.

Anyway, thank you for the resources and enjoy the day!

Kim Grabovsky


Hey Kim, Thank you for your message.... AND for the feedback AND for letting me know what's up for you.

So happy that the juices are flowing again...from what I recall about you -you are very intentional and very creative. I see more and more good stuff for you!!!

It is for me at least always a balance between

  • creating enough gap between what I want and where I am, that I'm not bored...

  • and not too much of gap, between where I am and where I want to be, that I'm not overwhelmed.

Definitely requires that I notice where I am and make adjustments so I can be close to, and/or move into the Zone, more than not...

That ABC exercise IS good isn't it? It sounds crazy, but it get's my mind clear, energy aligned and helps me get focused and soothed again, when I'm not. Let me know what you notice. (It's from Abraham-Hicks Publications and Work).

Oh - have to say YOU are not 'slow' - my website HAS been hard to navigate. I'm in the process of completely redesigning my website navigation so that everything revolves around the 5 Wake Up Eager Habits.

My goal is to make it all less confusing and more orderly… so your note is VERY helpful…

I have LOTS more work to do, but confirmation that I’m on the right track, yea.

I'm glad we're connected.

All the Best, and More!
Suzie Price
Professional Facilitator & Blogger

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Sep 03, 2016
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Oct 20, 2015
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by: Anonymous

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Apr 26, 2012
Love The Abraham Meditation Too NEW
by: Karen

Thanks for this article. I too love the Abrahan Hicks In the Vortex CD's. I also really like the new look and navigation of the website. Really good!! Thanks....

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