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How to Measure Training Success:
Easily Measure & Report Sales and
Leadership Development ROI

sales and leadership development ROI

You can measure & report sales and leadership development ROI (Return On Investment) for your Corporate Development Training Programs. 

And if you follow the Seven Step Training ROI Process, that I share with you here, you'll also ensure that each Training Participant has a customized sales or leadership development plan AND they'll be more motivated, interested and engaged in your Training Programs!

This Seven Step Process for collecting and reporting ROI and creating development plans is so simple, and easily do-able, that I'm amazed that more companies don't use it.

What Usually Happens... 

Think about a training program you attended recently or one that you offered to your employees. Recall how much of the training material you (or your Participants) actually took back to work and used to improve their performance on the job?

Did you know that the average percentage of skills that actually transfer from training class to the job is less than 20 percent?

Watch this 3 minute video (created by one of my vendor partners) that explains some of the challenges we face in trying to improve learner retention.  It also outlines how we can measure leadership development ROI. WATCH THIS SHORT VIDEO HERE. (Opens a new window.)

Seven Step 'Easy' ROI Process: A 'How-To' For Measuring & Getting More Sales and Leadership Development ROI

sales and leadership development ROI success

The three minute video explained what usually happens in Training programs.  Now I'll share in detail, step-by-step, an easy way to measure Return On Investment (ROI) in Training:

  • Measure ROI, Step #1: First, we use an online feedback tool to get input from the sales person or leader's employees, peers, customers (optional) and managers about how well this person is doing the skills being taught in the Training Program. The feedback results provide specific information about this sale person or leader's strengths and development opportunities
  • Measure ROI, Step #2: Next, we review the feedback results with each Training Participant, either before class or during the first day. (I have a team debrief process that I use that works well. If you'd like to talk through what I do, just contact me.)
  • Measure ROI, Step #3: Each participant creates a development plan by selecting two areas of strength to leverage and two development opportunities to focus on and 'attack' during the program and afterward, on-the-job. The Trainer and the Participant's Manager should also get a copy of the development plan.
  • Measure ROI, Step #4: Participants are informed that the feedback survey will be sent out, again in 12 to 16 months for more feedback, to determine if the Training Participant has worked to improve skills and behaviors on the Job. Results and progress will be compared and reviewed.
  • Measure ROI, Step #5: The sales or leadership training program now begins.  Participants start the program with a better understanding of how their behaviors are impacting others. Also, I find that by this time - almost all of the Participants are now MORE motivated, involved and focused during Class, due in part to the feedback and additional accountability involved with re-surveying in 12 months.
  • Measure ROI, Step #6: During Class: During the training class make sure you provide time to role-play and practice the skills. Interactive programs create the best results. On the last day of training pair each participant with an Accountability Partner, someone they will check-in with on a monthly basis to review their development plans, progress and any bumps in the road.
  • Measure ROI, Step #7: In 12- 16 months re-run the feedback survey and compare the progress and now measure ROI.   Next, review the results with each Training Participant

Sales and Leadership Development ROI Step-By-Step Summary:

In a nutshell:

  • You're adding a survey before class and after class so that you have a benchmark of where they are at the start of the program and how well they implemented the information, after the program.

It's a powerful process. Because it's a different from the standard 'just attend a class' approach. It might seem like a lot of steps at first, but, once you experience the impact it makes, you won't ever want to offer training the old way again.

With the the Seven Step ROI Process:

  • You no longer have the people who need the skills most, sitting in the back of the room playing around.
  • You no longer get questions about the value of your development programs from executives.
  • You won't spend money on training and not be able to see, measure and report ROI.
  • You'll actually see changes in your leaders.

Yea! THAT is what you were after all along, right?

Leadership Development ROI Resources...

leadership development ROI

The BEST Online Survey Software: This is What I Use To Conduct Pre- & Post-Class Surveys, 360 Feedback and More

This software is now available to Small Businesses and all Trainers. It is robust, secure, easy to use, customizable AND it will help improve sales and leadership training ROI, because it helps you easily implement many of the action steps, shared above.

There is ONE secure multipurpose business career training tool that EVERY organization should own. It is a complete software SYSTEM with development recommendations that makes it possible for you to easily measure the performance of a person, a team, or the entire organization with customized surveys, or done-for-you-survey-templates.

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