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Podcast Episode #53:
Feeding Intrinsically Starved Employees

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Overview of Episode #53 --- 

  • What does an intrinsically-starved employee look like, how does it impact and what to about it. 
  • Impact of Glassdoor.
  • The power of having high interpersonal versatility and how to build it.
  • Sharing about Ashley’s influences, favorite books, key tips for planning and more…

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Timing on Recording: @ 6:14  ---

Topic 1: The idea of intrinsically starved employees. What is it? How do you know? What is the impact? Three things leaders can do about it?

  • Employees want to know that their work matters.
  • Employees want to know how they are contributing/making a difference.
  • Employees are looking for deeper connections to their co-workers, leaders and to the company.

Timing on Recording: @ 8:30  ---

Topic 2How do you know if you have this problem (intrinsic employees)? What’s the impact?

  • What are others saying about your organization?
  • What are your employees saying about your organization?
  • Do your employees have the renter’s mentality or the owner’s mentality?
  • Leading indicator vs. lagging indicator.
  • How likely are your employees to refer another employee to work here?
  • Book: The Ultimate Question.
  • Job board: Glassdoor.

Timing on Recording: @ 15:46  ---

Topic 3: Top 3 things leaders can do for intrinsically starved employees.

  • Be real.
  • Be intentional about making a personal connection with each employee.
  • Share failures.

Timing on Recording: @ 23:04  ---

Topic 4: High Interpersonal Versatility. What is it and how can leaders figure out where they are in this set of words and how can they grow?

  • The ability to be a chameleon.
  • Use that self-awareness muscle.
  • Being okay with your self-awareness information but never allowing any of that to be an excuse for how we behave or don't behave in a situation.
  • Have an accountability partner inside of your organization.

Timing on Recording: @ 31:41  ---

Topic 5: Who has most influenced you in your life and career?

  • Personally: Aunt Sherry, beauty salons.
  • Professionally: VP of Operations of Real Estate company.

Timing on Recording: @ 35:20  ---

Topic 6: What books, training programs, education, what's been most instrumental in your development along the way?

Timing on Recording: @ 38:33  ---

Topic 7: When you think of the word successful, who is the first person that comes to mind?

  • My Grandfather, taught me how to be the person that I wanted to be and  what success meant from a full picture.

Timing on Recording: @ 41:16  ---

Topic 8: Top things that you do to wake up eager?

  • Vision board.
  • To Do lists.
  • Plan vacations well in advance.
  • Workout.
  • Family connections and community.
  • Plan vacations for the experience.

Timing on Recording: @ 43:27  ---

Topic 9: How do you plan your days? Insights, tips?

  • Internal meetings ONLY Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Accountability and coaching relationship meetings the 2ndand 4thweek of every month.
  • Google Time Efficiency button.

Timing on Recording: @ 45:32  ---

Topic 10: Getting to Know Ashley Bowers.

  • Actor or actress that would play you in a movie: Sandra Bullock, in particular, The Blind Side.
  • Favorite possession(s): Porcelain dolls.
  • Advice you would give your 25 year old self: Stop trying to prove yourself.
  • Billboard anywhere, where would it be, what would it say: A compass saying, “Most people are good.”
  • Last bit of advice or wisdom: “Lean into your people.”


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