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Wake Up Eager Habit: Enter the Zone
Why Get in the Zone? And, How-To...

The Enter the Zone Habit is about being 'In The Zone'. If you've mastered this Habit:

  • You spend time every day training and focusing your time, mind and energy so that you work with a clear mind and a sense of purpose.
  • You go to all meetings (sales, employee, peer, boss & client) prepared, ready and confident.
  • You notice when resistance and stress is high, and you "work" to reduce your inner tension. Focusing upon releasing the tension and raising your vibration and view.

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The"Official" Wake Up Eager ENTER THE ZONE Definition:

To ENTER THE ZONE is: a focus on working at a high level of energy and vibration.
It is your ability to 1) reduce internal resistance and tension, and to 2) focus your efforts, outlook and mindset so that you not only excel in your career and daily life, but you positively influence and empower others.

This Habit is important because when you are in The Zone you are tapping into, and using, your Full Power. And THAT is what all the great Leaders and Sales Pros do!

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What Does it Mean to Enter The Zone?

Simply put, being 'In The Zone' is when you are working and being at your best and brightest, with no resistance.

I know you've experienced the difference between being 'In' and being 'Out of The Zone'. Haven't you had meetings where you were more focused, more confident, super-ready and clear-thinking? And as a result, the meeting went really well and was very successful? This was a time, either by accident or on purpose, you had 'Entered The Zone.'

Athletes and Artists call this high performing 'magical' state: 'Being in the Flow' or 'Being Inspired' or 'Good Timing' or 'Serendipity' or 'Being On'.

Spiritual Teachers talk about this non-resistant feeling with terms like: 'Getting in The Vortex;' or 'Being in Rememberance' or 'Connecting with Source' or 'Being at One'.

"Nothing amazing happens unless I align with it, and/or allow it...that is, lower my resistance and to begin to see it, feel it, be it."Abraham-Hicks Publications

Cultivating the Enter The Zone Habit, is not just for athletes or preachers. It is a conscious choice by you to strengthen your sense of well-being and fullness by growing your confidence and expertise. It is tapping into ALL of who you are, physically, mentally and spiritually.

There are every day actions you can take to tune-up your physical talent and tap into non-physical ease. All of which will help you, consciously and on-purpose, increase your ability to Enter The Zone on a regular basis.

"We just want you to lighten up. We want you to release the tension with you and let all your Good in..."Abraham-Hicks Publications

How Do Leaders  Get 'In The Zone'?

This website is devoted to resources and tools for developing this Habit. There are Three Universal Practices (focus areas) for this Habit. I refer to them as the '3 D's (each Practice begins with the letter D: Daily TnT, Determine Fit & Develop), read about each Practice, here.

To discover more about this Enter the Zone Habit, you can also review past in the zone blog posts and articles, here. To review development tools for improving this Habit, check out these products and programs.

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