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I like the idea, but...

by Jim Banks

I like the idea of holding more of these type of meetings - but what if they share information I don't want to know about? For example I have this one person on my team who overshares and talks on and on endlessly, all the time. Maybe having a set time frame (the 15 minutes you mention) would help... Thanks for the questions and info - I will give it a try.

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Sep 12, 2017
Try It - Even With...
by: Suzie

Jim - Thank you for sharing what I think many leaders may be thinking.

Yes, the time frame can help. Another action that can help - is to give this talkative person your full attention for that time frame. If you've been consciously or unconsciously tuning this person out (because s/he talks way too much) try to be totally present for the 15 minutes.

Sometimes people talk too much because they talk to think and they are overusing their strength and sometimes they can over talk because they have not been heard, so they keep trying. Listen with the intent to understand and see what happens! Good luck and again, thank you for sharing. Suzie

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