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Goal Setting Worksheets

Here you'll find goal setting worksheets to help you say that Wake Up Eager this statement is true for you: "I have written goals and plans I will accomplish this year." This statement is one of the focus areas in the WUE Re-calibrate Daily Habit Quiz.

goal setting worksheets

Many of us struggle with this. Nine out of ten people who complete the Quiz share that they don't have written goals.  We've all heard that setting goals is important. Teachers, coaches and leaders everywhere all share 'trite' but true statements about the power of goal setting. We know that goal setting will help us. We mean to do it. But we don't.

How do I do this 'goal setting-thing' in a way that works?

I've also struggled at times with knowing that goals are helpful, but not doing them. When I started my consulting business I was stressed out. I was excited about my future, but at the same time I was worried. My focus and direction was all over the place. I felt confident and unsure of myself at the same time! This inner conflict and negatively impacted my energy, confidence and ability to fully enjoy the creation of my business.

There are two things that helped me settle down:

  • #1 --- I finally acknowledged the stress and inner tension I was feeling. I stopped trying to hide it or ignore it. (My inner tension seemed to have less power and fade to the background, when I faced 'It' & acknowledged that I felt 'It'.)
  • #2 --- Then I worked toward building my confidence by creating clear and specific goals. A plan. It always helps me to remember that the goal of goals is to increase my energy, focus, momentum and hope around my future. (Like many, I knew all about the importance of goal setting, I was just so busy, it took me a awhile to actually stop and do it!)
goal setting worksheets

Over time, as a result of my concentration and focus, I found more motivation, more calm, more inspiration and more energy. The simple exercises, found in this complimentary goal setting workbook helped me, coach me. Over time I found my balance.

The process of working through my fears helped me move more confidently into the future. There's only one thing powerful enough to do that and it's a VISION. If you create a vision that is desirable, compelling  and aligns with your top strengths and interests, it will draw all your energy and motivation to it, and THAT is the key. In some ways - to do things that matter to you and that have impact, your vision has to become your obsession.

goal setting worksheets

You have to feel something that a person finding an oasis in the middle of the desert would feel. Absolute excitement and complete determination.

Then, ANY goal becomes possible.  That's what we do in our coaching.  We can help you, or others on your team, set and exceed goals that matter, reach out to us.

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