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Give time for other's responses

by Rick Burger

I am a fast thinker and quick communicator. If there is 5 seconds of silence after I ask a question or make a comment I start talking again.

I have been working on this by realizing that others take longer to process information. My daughter brought this to my attention.

Also the slower talker/thinker can also say something like, let me think about that for a minute before I respond. That why I know they heard me and are not just ignoring the issue.


Hey Rick,

This is a great awareness on your part. If we're urgent by nature, which is a strength by the way, it can 'do us in' when less urgency and more listening is needed.

Love your suggestion to the other party too, to recognize the strength of urgency in the other person and to offer the statement you shared, to 'help' Mr. or Mrs. Urgent take a breathe or two.

The RPSA process has helped me tremendously - now I just do it automatically by reflecting and asking questions... really slows me down and reminds me to turn down the urgency and to tune in and listen!

Thank Rick for tuning in and sharing your insights with the Wake Up Eager Community.

All the Best, and More!

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