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Four Days - The M agic Number - Trust Me...

by Tom De Luca
(San Antonio)

The New York Times had a great article that would bode well to this post a few years back.

I can't recall the exact title, or all the content, but the essence of it was that 4 days is the magic number to allow visitors to stay at your home.

It's the proverbial "tipping point" - parting ways at 4 days leaves all involved with smiles on their faces, and saying "we should do it longer next time."

Anything more than that would remind you of why you live on opposite coasts of the country.
IT WORKS - trust me

Tom De Luca, MBA
Clarity Expert


Hi Tom - I agree!

I love my family and my husband's family, but we have our own homes, lives and routines for a reason! :) I'm so independent, that for me, I'm getting a little edgy late in the day, on day three!

Thanks for adding your insights to the Wake Up Eager Community!

All the Best, and More!

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